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Two Heads Are Better Than One
by Peggy Van Arnam

 In a complex situation or in creating something very important, discussing things with others, getting their ideas and weighing their suggestions are helpful and usually produce a better end result. In re-designing the SME-International CME and CSE certification programs, Syracuse University developers found the participation of members of SMEI’s Buffalo affiliate, the Accreditation Committee and the Board’s Executive Committee immensely helpful in creating accurate, fair and relevant certification tests and study materials. As SME-International and the University now turn to re-designing the third program (SCPS), we invite a corporate partner or two to help us in the development of this project.

For 50 years, SMEI and Syracuse University (SU) have cooperated in co-sponsoring the premier Graduate School of Sales and Marketing Management. SMEI offers the University access to professionals in the field who help us keep academic programs practical and at the cutting-edge. In return SU offers SMEI academic credibility and expertise in instructional design, testing and evaluation. Together we are stronger than we are separately; now we seek a natural extension of our long collaboration.

 SMEI and SU invite a company (or two) with a large group of salespersons interested in certification to join us in redesigning the SCPS certification. The company’s individual salespeople and their supervisors can help us refine competency categories and test draft questions, and insure that the resulting test and study materials are (like the CME/CSE tests) accurate, fair and relevant. In return for funding the modest development cost of the project, the company’s sales team will be entitled to have its sales team sit for the SCPS certification exam at no or a greatly reduced charge. SMEI will gain a large number of newly certified members, and the University will be able to cover development costs. The specific details of the collaboration will be worked out with the cooperating companies. You may work for such a company or have a corporate client who might be interested.

Please forward your suggestions to Willis Turner at: 877-551-1408 or, or to Jeffrey Hayzlett at: 605-366-5853 or or ask your corporate colleague to contact these individuals for more information. To insure an excellent result in this important endeavor, two heads are surely better than one. Three heads are OK too!

Syracuse University
Syracuse University

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