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Marketing Management
Crisis Communication
Never More Critical
by Dianna Booher

Today more than ever, crises abound. The nation faces a challenge like none other. And many companies are facing similar trials—those that breed fear into the very fabric of the people and threaten to undermine a once-strong bottom line.

Is Branding Dead?
Or are many companies simply overlooking One Amazing Secret of Branding Success?
by D. Wendal Attig

D. Wendal Attig

What's happened to branding? In this era when non-experts are questioning the power of branding--just at the time when the buzz-word has finally reach critical mass, I keep hearing these familiar chants. "The Internet is eroding the opportunity to brand." " Branding is dead as we knew it." "With the Internet, there is no brand loyalty." "Positioning is impossible with the Internet."

Maximizing your return in Presentation Materials
by Tom Malan

Presentation asset management is quickly becoming a problem area for organizations using presentations as a part of their normal business practice. Most reporting elements in any organization use them to provide updates, identify issues, promote new ideas and products and disseminate information. Sales forces, for example, use presentations extensively to convey product information to customers and partners. There is a wealth of critical business information contained in these slides. In most cases, it involves some of the best information available.

Getting Back To Basics
Ease the pain of CRM implementation
by Larry Caretsky

As an executive who has spent more than twenty years in the software industry I often look back at several of the technologies I have been involved with and marvel at the hype, buzz, and aura that accompanied their birth and their inevitable death.  Remember Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of the biggest buzz- words of the 80’s.  How about Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE).  These technologies rarely got implemented even though companies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attempting to do so.   At the time, industry analysts had us all believing that these technologies were as important as the coming of the Messiah, yet all that remains of them are distant memories.

70% of Marketing Missing
by Mitch Axelrod

Answer this question: Why do you buy what you buy?

It’s commonly thought people buy for two reasons:
Desire for Gain (also known as pleasure), or Fear of Loss (pain).

What is not commonly known may be causing 70% of your marketing to miss the mark.

Permission Marketing
Getting "handraisers" from your web site
by Stephan M. Spencer, M.Sc.

Building a trusting relationship with your Web site visitors starts with the common sense approach known as “permission marketing.” The idea behind permission marketing is to get the customer or prospect to volunteer to receive your email newsletters and special offers. This is also known as opt-in. These “hand-raisers” are a lot more likely to not only tolerate receiving your emails, but also to respond favorably to them.

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