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May 11, 2006 Spring 2006 Educator   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1  
Skyward launches eNewsletter service for customers
Skyward crosses international borders
Progress Corporation selects Skyward as Partner of the Year for 2005
Budgeting via the Web improves accuracy and accountability
Customer input drives new Gradebook Features
New branch office locations added in TX and PA
Kansas School District successfully implements biometric technology
Budgeting via the Web improves accuracy and accountability

Budget constraints are becoming all too prominent in today's school environment and making sure budgets cover the necessity of daily operations is extremely challenging.  One approach is to ensure budget requests originate with key personnel that utilize the funds to meet their direct needs.  Skyward's development of Budget Requisitions with the PaC-Finance system is designed for this specific purpose.  
As a component of Employee Access, districts can now setup a budget approval process with unlimited approval steps and capabilities for every end-user that utilizes district funds to submit a budget requisition.  These budget requisitions can include specific item descriptions, order from information, and costs to help itemize budget amounts for each account.  As the items are approved through the budgeting process, the detail information is carried forward and the final budget provides source documentation as a management tool through the budget year.

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