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At SimplyFun, we build smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play. We believe that play is essential in our lives, helping us strengthen academic, social and emotional skills in children.

Our award-winning educational games make learning fun and are designed to be played in 30 minutes or less, allowing even the busiest of families to learn and connect through play.

Join our growing team of SimplyFun Playologists and run your own learning resource business.
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Our Jewish Homeschool Blog Reviews a Sampling of SimplyFun Games
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SimplyFun Wins FOUR Tillywig Awards
Our Jewish Homeschool Blog Reviews a Sampling of SimplyFun Games

SimplyFun was proud to be a sponsor of the Homeschool Blog Awards. There are so many amazing bloggers, sharing their points of view, useful tips, and very funny family stories. Congratulations!

Meet Danit! She is a Busy Jewish mom married to a Fabulous Jewish dad raising 5 amazing blessings, and enjoying their adventures in homeschooling and in life!  Spend some time with her award-winning blog, A Jewish Homeschool Blog.

As a part of the prize package for the Homeschool Blog Awards, I received 3 educational and really awesome games from SimplyFun.

As we opened and played each game, I became more and more impressed- My kids LOVED each game and not only are they fun, but they are SO educational and so simple to play. I went to their website to check out their other products and I was blown away.


   Bank It!                                    Linkity                                  Sumology

These 3 games (above) are brilliant, and if you are planning on investing in a game or 2 for your kiddos, these games are the way to go.

I emailed the company to tell them how impressed I was with their products and offered to review one of three specific games which I thought my kids would really enjoy. Well, not only did they agree to send me ALL THREE games that I had mentioned, but they also tossed in a FOURTH game

PICKY STICKS This game is adorable. Its like pick up sticks for the new generation. This little hedgehog has his spikes and you need to insert sticks in a way that they don't fall down. So great for fine motor skills and so simple yet super fun to play.

LETS JET Oh, this is so great to learn about world geography. Definitely for older kids (ages 8 and up) but very cool.

LETS DRIVE Similar to Lets Jet, but takes place in the USA on a road trip. Super fun and a great way to learn about the states, their capitals and scenic locations around the world.

SPACE IT! This game helps kids understand number patterns - a preliminary step toward algebra and advanced math. My son LOVED the whole space theme going on here!

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