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At SimplyFun, we build smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play. We believe that play is essential in our lives, helping us strengthen academic, social and emotional skills in children.

Our award-winning educational games make learning fun and are designed to be played in 30 minutes or less, allowing even the busiest of families to learn and connect through play.

Join our growing team of SimplyFun Playologists and run your own learning resource business.
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Senior Playologist, John Ireton, Introduces New SimplyFun Product Videos
Senior Playologist, John Ireton, Introduces New SimplyFun Product Videos

We are thrilled to launch a whole new series of trainings for SimplyFun's product line featuring "Senior Playologist John Ireton". This first set of videos represent our core offering including everything from the Starter Kit and games which are consistently our Top Ten Bestsellers. Additional videos released this spring will showcase brand new products, as well as more of your favorites.

The intent of this new "Playology" style of training is to focus on the educational features and benefits of SimplyFun's catalog, which in turn helps Consultants become more comfortable with this way of thinking about the products we offer. More than just covering gameplay and showcasing our beautiful components, these demonstrations contain a checklist of the benefits of each product and offer fun variations or tips for teaching our games.

We believe that high-quality demonstration videos are an essential component for obtaining outside orders for your parties. In addition, they allow guests and hosts to preview our catalog in advance of the event and they will often arrive at your party with a wishlist already prepared!

View the growing collection of Playology product videos at www.simplyfun.com/showmehow

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