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State's DES Prepares Annual List of Impaired Waters
by Robert R. Lucic

Attorney Robert R. Lucic On Oct. 14, 2015, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services issued a draft of its 2014 Surface Water Quality List, which sets forth the New Hampshire waterways that DES deems to be impaired for purposes of the Clean Water Act. DES prepares this list every two years and submits it to the federal Environmental Protection Agency. This document has for years gone under everyone's radar but may have some of the most far-reaching impacts on New Hampshire cities, towns, industry and development of any program administered by DES. [Contact Author]
[FULL STORY - January 9, 2016 issue of the New Hampshire Union Leader]

Taking a Look at the Sweepstakes Law
by Jocelyn R. Wiese

Attorney Jocelyn R. Wiese Your mailbox and email inbox are probably flooded with offers, especially this time of the year, along the lines of “Win a free cruise to Cancun” or “Scratch here to reveal keys to your new car.” While these offers may be a little over the top, conducting a targeted prize promotion can be a valuable marketing tool for your company's products and services. Sweepstakes can strengthen customer relations, bring in new customers, and create buzz and excitement about new products. [Contact Author]
[FULL STORY - February 20, 2016 issue of the New Hampshire Union Leader]

A Look at Rules Governing Crowdfunding Provisions
by Paul S. Reuland

Attorney Paul S. Reuland Last October, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted long-awaited final rules that implement the equity crowdfunding provisions of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012, the JOBS Act. [Contact Author]
[FULL STORY - February 6, 2016 issue of the New Hampshire Union Leader]

Looking at Drainage and Run-Off: Where Does the Water Go?
by Bobbie Hantz

Attorney Bobbie Hantz You are thinking about paving your driveway, adding a parking space, building a deck or patio, installing major landscaping, or building an addition to your home or business. In addition to the construction plans you will need for the project, consideration must be given to the impact the work will have on surface drainage and run-off. Why? Because the last thing you need is to have your completed project under attack from neighbors for causing flooding on their property. For projects requiring planning board site plan approval, you will also need to show that your project will not adversely impact drainage on or off site. [Contact Author]
[FULL STORY - January 23, 2016 issue of the New Hampshire Union Leader]

Board Members Beware: Tax Implications for Charities Acting as Fiscal Sponsors
by Russell J. Stein

Attorney Russell J. Stein Many attorneys sit on at least one charitable organization’s board of directors. Other board members and staff at these organizations look to us for our expertise on legal and tax issues. What should attorneys and their fellow board members do if a champion of one of these new endeavors approaches your charity wishing to enter into a “fiscal sponsorship” arrangement. [Contact Author]
[FULL STORY - February 17, 2016 issue of the New Hampshire Bar News]

Are Revocable Trusts Still Relevant?
by Nicole A. Faille

Attorney Nicole A. Faille For many years, people thinking about estate plans after they got over the notion that all they needed was a will, considered revocable, or “living” trusts. In many cases, people were advised to use revocable trusts because they would enable the avoidance of probate of an estate, if fully funded prior to death, and could maximize tax savings through the use of “Credit Shelter Trusts” and “Marital Trusts” which took maximum advantage of the personal tax credit and marital deduction available under federal tax law. [Contact Author]
[FULL STORY - March 26, 2016 issue of the New Hampshire Union Leader]

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You may have noticed our new logo on our letterhead, in the community and on our emails. The firm recently completed a re-brand. The firm name has not changed, but we have refreshed and condensed our logo, for marketing purposes, to Sheehan Phinney. We are excited to launch our new website in the Spring as well!

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