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February 2017
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Now on DriveLiveTV: Buick - Focus on Modernity

Classic yet modern, Buick has masterfully blended the past with the future for a vehicle you can thoroughly enjoy today.

Now on DriveLiveTV: The 2017 Cadillac CT6

The big Cadillac is back. The CT6 is a classic large luxury sedan with rear-wheel drive, bold styling, and an interior filled with luxury.

Now on DriveLiveTV: The 2017 Chevrolet Volt

It’s time to give range anxiety the boot and hit the road in Chevrolet’s smart, stylish and efficient Volt.

Now on DriveLiveTV: 2017 GMC Acadia - Focus on Interior

Your car is often your home away from home. GMC’s Acadia is an inviting and familiar mobile residence filled with comforts and conveniences.

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GM Goes Landfill-Free at 152 Facilities across the Globe
Vehicle manufacturer exceeds commitment to become landfill-free four years early

General Motors Co. added 23 more sites in 2016 to its landfill-free facility group, totaling 152 facilities across the globe that send zero waste to landfills.

GM, which has always been in the forefront of sustainability initiatives, has exceeded its commitment to become landfill-free four years earlier than planned.

As part of its sustainability efforts, GM has made a commitment to reuse, recycle or convert to energy all waste from its daily operations. In fact, GM is one of the top companies using Materials Marketplace, a service that allows businesses to repurpose their trash as another company’s raw materials. The vehicle manufacturer works with its suppliers to keep existing materials in use, rather than create new raw materials, totaling two million metric tons of reused materials each year; enough to fill the extended-cab truck beds of so many Chevrolet Silverados, they would stretch around the world if placed end-to-end.

“We view sustainability as a business approach,” says GM global manager of Waste Reduction John Bradburn. “We look at ways we can grow and strengthen our business for the long term, and that often means reducing our environmental footprint while maximizing social benefit.”

Indeed, GM’s 52 non-manufacturing sites and 100 manufacturing sites contribute to both bottom and top lines of business profits. GM has generated $1 billion from recycled materials in the last few years, which the company has used to reinvest in its operations, including the development of new technologies for personal mobility and fuel-efficient vehicles. With zero waste sent to landfills, GM also saves on waste-hauling fees and has not needed to buy as much new, raw materials.

“We are committed to manufacturing cars and trucks for our customers in a safe and responsible way,” says GM executive vice president, Global Manufacturing Alicia Boler Davis. “While we continue to increase the reuse of byproducts, our vision is to eliminate waste by applying the most advanced manufacturing processes and technologies in our plants globally.”

With the addition of the Foundry facility in Toluca, Mexico to the landfill-free list, GM’s operations in Mexico are now all waste-free. This achievement is added to their list of areas that are landfill-free including all European operations, which became completely landfill-free as of 2015. GM also mentors 25 companies around the globe on how to manage and reduce waste.

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