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Thursday, June 11, 2009 Volume 2 Issue 6  

Increase Your F&I Profits This Summer!
E-Contracting Works for Your Customers
Guide to Handling Objections: Roadside Assistance
Have you seen an improvement in your customers' confidence in the past two months?
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Sell to Your Customer
It's That Simple!

Trying to turn following consumer preferences into an exact science is almost impossible. With fuel price fluctuations, credit concerns and bankruptcies, it seems that new and used sales by segment change faster than the weather in the Midwest. Although it's impossible not to focus on industry forces right now, your surest bet when a customer is in front of you is to focus on that individual. Buyers are finicky. Prepare yourself. Conduct the interview. Put together a menu of products that make sense for that buyer. F&I is driving profits for dealers, but you must be smart about it!

Increase Your F&I Profits This Summer!

Although May fit the definition of a "watch and see" month, the summer months offer some great opportunities to increase seasonal revenue. With vacations, road trips and the prime months for powersport sales, give your F&I product strategies a summer tune-up.

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E-Contracting Works for Your Customers

According to F&I Management & Technology's F&I Factors for 2008, time spent in F&I increased by 9.1 minutes with a test drive and 16.1 minutes without a test drive. Sure, there are more F&I products than ever, a more difficult loan approval process and additional information security requirements, but what impact will this have on CSI? What customer wants to spend almost an hour in F&I?

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Guide to Handling Objections: Roadside Assistance

June 21, the first day of summer, is right around the corner! Are your customers prepared for road trips and family vacations with Roadside Assistance Protection? This month's Guide to Handling Objections features Roadside Assistance and tips on combining this great product with Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection.

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