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Guide to Handling Objections: Road Hazard Protection


Objection:  I’ve never had a flat tire before.

Response: I understand…we never know when an unforeseen pothole or object in the road will cause us to experience a flat. I’ve never had an accident, but I certainly wouldn’t go without comprehensive and collision insurance.

This is why the Tire & Wheel Program interests most of my customers. For only a few dollars a month, you can protect yourself from the hassles of this situation and the costs involved with it.

With this program, your payment would be $_____, and your payment can start in 30 or 45 days. Which would you prefer, the 30 or 45 days until your first payment?

Objection: I’ll just take my chances.

Response: I understand…but do you realize that your tires are the only part of your vehicle that touch the ground? Also, tire and wheel repairs are the most expensive repairs you will have that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, you can see why most of my customers take advantage of the tire and wheel protection program. So, for only a few dollars more per month you could receive this protection. Just initial here next to the new payment.

Objection: I don’t want to raise my payments anymore.

Response: I understand…so what you’re saying is that you are on a budget, and staying within it is important, correct?

Customer: Yes, that is correct.

Response: You will notice that with this protection your payment is $349 per month, and without it is $340 per month. So, for only $9 per month, you are budgeting for any future expenses and the peace of mind that goes with it. Wouldn’t you agree that the $349 payment makes more sense for your long term budget? Just sign here…

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