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June 2014
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Vehicle Profile: 2014 MAZDA3 5-Door
Practicality and performance in harmony

Photo: 2014 MAZDA3 5-Door
Having already set the bar for sportiness among compact vehicles, the all-new 2014 MAZDA3 takes things up a notch with a dynamic design and a spacious, well-equipped interior. Now in its third generation, the MAZDA3 5-Door, available here at Roger Beasley Mazda Auto Group in Austin, Texas, continues to be the affordable compact hatchback for people who love to drive, blending reliability and exciting styling with luxury and unequalled performance.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 MAZDA2
A hatchback as only Mazda can offer

Photo: 2014 MAZDA2
If ever there was a hatchback version of the much-loved Mazda MX-5 Miata, it would be the MAZDA2. The MAZDA2, a small five-door hatch first introduced in the U.S. in 2011 and on sale now here at Roger Beasley Mazda Auto Group in Austin, Texas, benefits from the same smile-inducing DNA as the Miata and the MAZDA3.

Five Low Carb Breakfast Smoothies
Control carbohydrates and lose weight

Carbohydrates are the fuel your body converts into glucose for energy. Without carbs to burn, your body resorts to burning fat reserves. This is a good thing if you want to lose weight. Get off to a healthy start in the morning by making a low-carb breakfast smoothie, whether it's to lose weight or for other health reasons.

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Road Trip
The proper steps to preparing your vehicle weeks in advance

It's summertime and there's no better time to go on a roadtrip! Whether it's with your friends or the family, set a week or so aside and GO! Just don't head out without doing these steps first!


Create Your Own Backyard Movie Theater
Take in favorite flicks while under open skies

One of the most enjoyable things you can do with your family, relatives and neighbors is to create a temporary or permanent backyard movie theater. With the high cost of movies, and the price of concessions and drinks, it may be well worth considering this idea, even if just for the fun of a one-time event. Here are five things to consider when planning for an outdoor theater experience.

Win Two Tickets to Schlitterbahn!

Answer the question correctly and you will be entered to win two free tickets to Schlitterbahn!


Patriotic 4th of July Desserts
Five Desserts that will take you minutes to make!

Headed to a party or cookout this 4th of July and stressing over what it is that you might bring? Take a peek at some of these quick, easy, but rather festive ideas!


Beat The Summer Heat
Ways to stay cool this summer

It's starting to get hot! Instead of spending your time trying to escape it, here are a few ideas that will help you to beat the heat!


Tech Tips: Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Why you need it and how to help care for it

Photo: Tech Tips: Cabin Air Filter Replacement
When people talk about car care and servicing their cars, they’re normally concerned with the regulars like oil changes and tire rotations. One of the most overlooked aspects of car care, however, is changing the filters, especially the cabin air filter.

Save Money Buying A Car!!

Experience Beasley Rewards
Your Beasley Rewards membership is complimentary with any vehicle purchase from Roger Beasley Mazda South, Roger Beasley Mazda of Austin, Roger Beasley Mazda of Georgetown and Mazda Killeen


The Best Spot In Austin for Fireworks

Where's THE PLACE to be this Fourth of July? Circuit of the America's of course!


Five New Smartphone Options for 2014
Check out the latest and greatest in mobile tech this year

New smartphones come out on a regular basis, and oftentimes there are innovations that get consumers excited about the latest new device. While there may be a good reason to wait for the next new tech on the horizon, there are plenty of current devices worth checking out. Here are five smartphone options for 2014.

Cut the Clutter To-Do Lists
Little by little can clear out a lot

It can sneak up on you in many ways — clutter. With lifestyles as fast paced and stressed as they are these days, the last thing you want to do when you get home from work or after a busy day with the kids is deal with the little things. Unfortunately those little things can stack up and turn into a mess of clutter.

Does Acupuncture Work?
Pinpoint how effective this alternative treatment really is

More than 25 percent of American adults have recently experienced pain lasting more than a day, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a division of the National Institutes for Health. That's a whole lot of ouch — and what if you're tired of reaching for the ibuprofen?

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