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March 2017
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Vehicle Profile: 2017 Hyundai Ioniq
Three options for eco focused driving

The all-new Hyundai Ioniq is an eco-focused family of vehicles that brings striking design, advanced technology and stand-out safety to the masses.

Vehicle Profile: 2017 Hyundai Accent
Big on features and low in price

The Hyundai Accent offers one of the best values in the auto industry and is backed up arguably the best warranty in the business. But that didn’t’ stop Hyundai from making the 2017 model even better.

Now on DriveLiveTV: Hyundai - Focus on Innovation

Hyundai has been leading a full-court press on automotive innovation. In-car technology, powertrain innovation, connected car advancement, and even health and wellness are all areas where Hyundai has been making notable headway.

4 Wineries to Visit in Texas Gulf Coast
Four places to get fine wine in the Gulf Coast region

The Texas Gulf Coast area is a great place to kick back, put your feet up and watch the sun set out over the water.

4 Books That Should Be Made into Movies
These books have what it takes to dominate the silver screen

Talking about books and movies can be a very touchy subject for some people. Some movies do not fully live up to the greatness of the book, and some can go off of the rails because a Hollywood studio wants to target a different audience.

Recipe of the Month
Asparagus Sweet Potato Chicken Skillet

Looking for a good, healthy dinner to make for the family? Or maybe you don't share and just want the leftovers for lunch. Either way, this recipe is PERFECT.

Win Tickets!

It could very well be you! Stop in to Roger Beasley Hyundai New Braunfels today!

Roger Beasley Rewards

Our three offers for Roger Beasley Rewards Members are still going on through the month of March! Don't remember what they are? Don't worry, click the article and we'll fill you in!

Two Hyundai Vehicles Recognized as BEST BETS for 2017 by The Car Book
Santa Fe Sport and Sonata are awarded the prestigious title for safety and performance

The first and longest-standing car buyer’s guide book, The Car Book, has named Hyundai’s 2017 Santa Fe Sport and 2017 Sonata vehicles as “Best Bets.” This honor recognizes the innovations in the safety and performance features of the two vehicles.

Hyundai Reunites Overseas US Troops with Their Families on the Big Stage
Hyundai surprises military members with live-stream video of their families post-game

As an official sponsor of the NFL, Hyundai Motor America, put together a one-of-a-kind operation and virtually reunited members of overseas US troops with their families at the end of the biggest football game of the year.

The Unsung Benefits of Listening to Music
Listening to music has some amazing benefits

Many people listen to music every day. From your commute to work in the car to your daily workout at the gym, tunes are always playing in some form or another. The music we listen to can have some surprising benefits that can affect you both physically and mentally.

Austin Auto Show

Head out to the Austin Auto Show March 24 - 26! Yes, the Batmobile will be there and a possible Batman appearance as well! It's more than just cars, it's fun for you, your friends and family!



Things to do this Month

There's actually quite a bit going on this month in Austin, so we thought we would highlight the key events right here in one spot.

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