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How Rainmakers can make your life easier
by Jon C. Liberman

Dear Reader,


The older I get - the quicker time seems to pass. Have you noticed the same thing? This quickening pace is illustrated in most mid-market businesses when "lean & mean" staffing practices lead to "stretched & stressed" people. More to do than time to do it.


Add to this situation any major change initiative and you have an opportunity where Rainmakers can help make your life easier and stretch your budget constraints.


How do we do this?


First of all we compare the Best Practice described in the Balanced Approach article to each clients unique situation. These are some of the critical questions we answer together with you.


  1. Is there a valid business case with consensus from all Key Stakeholders?
  2. If, not - answer the question why? (what's missing from the equation)?
  3. Will the accomplishment of this business case necessitate changing any existing business processes? If yes, which ones and why?
  4. If no, (no change needed) this project typically becomes a matter of which tools or technology you need to apply (or adapt). How do you plan to do this?
  5. If yes, (change to processes needed) are you properly prepared to engage a team representing every area impacted by the proposed process changes? Does the team have experienced Business Process Optimization leaders/facilitators?
  6. Have you performed any Change Management Risk assessment to understand what the odds of "people problems" screwing up your project and budget is?
  7. Are you primarily making an IT decision on what technology to use/buy prior to really working through your business process requirements? (Assuming you will adapt your processes to the selected technology)?
  8. Have your Key Executives taken the time to truly understand the risks in meeting expectations on time and budget (in particular related to the impacts of critical changes on your organizations people, process and technology)?


Your honest responses help define where "Gap" may exist between your current preparation (Project plans, practices and staffing) and your realistic needs.  Rainmakers lives in these Gaps.


Rainmakers Consortium of Strategic Partners consists of everything from Independent consultants and local boutique firms to nationwide and multi-national organizations.


Given the fact that most of us have preciously little time to spare - we accomplish these results, in most cases, with only several phone calls and email exchanges.  I can make this claim because I "touch" every client engagement. That is why we focus on working with mid-market businesses in specific geographic locations.


We help stretch your budget by introducing options covering all the viable alternatives - explaining the pro's and con's of each approach. Independents offer the lowest hourly rates - but typically need full-time equivalency. Boutique firms can provide fixed bid projects and "as-needed" support - but have limited resources.  Larger Nationwide organizations can cover multiple locations - but they come at a more premium price. Offshore options can save money  - but only in specific scenario's on longer-term engagements.


Rainmakers is treated by whomever you hire through us as their sales agent. As a result we can offer these services at no additional charge, paperwork or hassle.


Rainmakers Consortium of Partners areas of competency


The bottom-line is this: you would be hard pressed to find any area where a mid-market firm is willing to spend money (to solve problem or take advantage of an opportunity) that Rainmakers does not have competent, typically local resources and products that will fill Gaps in these areas:


  • IT
  • Operations and Supply chain
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Engineering and Production
  • Human Resource


Where we don't fit. Commodity type products or services.


Clients tell me Rainmakers adds the most value in areas where there are scarce resources, they are un-familiar or where they want competitive bids.


This SMOKE SIGNAL is our quarterly issue containing articles from our Consortium we have distributed over the past several months, covering a wide range of topics and areas of interest.  Please feel free to let me know what areas you have interests in learning more.  Thanks for your time and the opportunity to be of service.


Jon C. Liberman





Published by Jon C. Liberman
Copyright © 2005 Rainmakers. All rights reserved.
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