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White Paper: The Prospective Supplier - Protocols for Supply Chain Professionals
1st in the Series Protocols for Supply Chain Professionals
by Ken Rohleder, the Rohleder Group

Dear Reader,

My impression is that today's world is becoming more and more complex... this is despite the claims of many marketers that claim "easier to use.. just plug in the wall.... problems go away".  Mid-market businesses, because they operate as a rule in Lean & Mean staffing mode, force their key people to run fast and efficient -  or risk burn out. 

Their worlds are certainly complex even as they depend on technology, wireless communications and 10+ hour days to get their work load met.  For Supply Chain Professionals - and those people tasked with selling to them - the demands of cost reduction without sacrificing customer satisfaction and the lack of enough time to get every task done right - the first time (one definition of efficient) creates stress and is the topic of this SMOKE SIGNAL article by Rainmakers Partner, Kenny Rohleder from the Rohleder Group. 

This White Paper is the first in a series of Protocols for Supply Chain Professionals that can help present some Best Practices and suggestions.  This article discusses how to turn sales calls from prospective suppliers into productive, strategic and highly regimented processes that can deliver:

    - a stable of motivated and qualified suppliers
    - hold unqualified suppliers at bay and,
    - liberate managers from the tedium of endless voicemail from prospective sales people

Straightforward, concise and relevant to any Supply Chain manager - definitely worth investigating further by clicking on the Full Story below. 

Let me know how Rainmakers can be useful to your company by calling or emailing. Thanks for your time.

Jon C. Liberman

[Full Story]
Published by Jon C. Liberman
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