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Read this if you have a need for any Resource or a Problem needing a fix
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Read this if you have a need for any Resource or a Problem needing a fix
Find the Resources you need, when you need them.
by Rainmakers

Dear reader,

Rainmakers exists to help mid-market businesses solve problems that require best practices, technology and human resources.  Our clients have told us we provide the greatest value when they have a problem that requires either scarce resources, or they are unfamiliar with the “lay of the land”.

We have successfully provided the expertise needed, when it’s needed in these business functions:

ü      Information Technology

ü      Sales/Marketing/Customer Service

ü      Production Operations

ü      Warehouse and Distribution

ü      Engineering and Quality

ü      Financial Management and Cash Flow

ü      Human Resources

ü      Project Management

If you need resources for any of these types of problems, click on the URL and we will provide answers.

Programming Expertise = Software analysts and programmers with specific expertise: http://www.rainmkrs.com/programming.html

Technical Infrastructure Expertise = Technicians with expertise in networking, communications, mini or mainframe computers: http://www.rainmkrs.com/infra.html

Product Expertise = People with experience with particular packaged software systems: http://www.rainmkrs.com/productex.html

Project Experience = People with extensive project management and change management experience: http://www.rainmkrs.com/project.html

Business Subject Matter Expertise = Experience professionals with specific subject matter acumen: http://www.rainmkrs.com/subject.html

Or call Rainmakers today at 847/251-3327

Published by Jon C. Liberman
Copyright © 2005 Rainmakers. All rights reserved.
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