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IICNet Workflow Case Study - Notes/Domino platform
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Five Keys To Eliminating Non-Value Added Costs
Alyce Designs web integration with AS/400 case study
EDI - White Paper Part 1
Time is our most precious asset
Case study: LaGrange Memorial Hospital Oncology Program
Use outside resources intelligently to enhance profitability
Case Study: Pilot Makes Perfect - Stericycle, Inc.
Case Study: Making Progress with Progress -Jel Sert Co.
ESCO Corporation SalesLogix Case Study
Case Study: Rust-Oleum Corporation
Holding your breath is not a viable business strategy!
Supply Chain: Extranet your Sole-Source Vendors
Top Ten Reasons Why Warehouse Mgmt Systems Projects Fail
The Facts about Sales Leads
Introduction to EDI : Part II - Making EDI Work with Technology
Bridge the Chasm between Sales and Marketing and WIN SALES
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Are You Being Held Hostage?
Small Business Owners: Take Steps To Prevent Fraud
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Manufacturing Enhancement
Five Keys To Eliminating Non-Value Added Costs
It's not as hard as you might think to trim the fat
by Rick Duris

Rick Duris is the President of Business Technology Group, Inc., a systems integrator based in Libertyville, IL specializing in plant floor systems such as warehouse management system, bar coding and radio frequency applications. He can be reached by contacting Rainmakers, 847-251-3327 or email jon@rainmkrs.com

Jaeger-Holland and ISO/QS9000 Standards explained
by Jaeger-Holland

Dear Reader,

For many of our clients ISO/QS9000 is an important factor in their quality and improvement initiatives. For other it's simply a cost-of-doing business! In either case working with local professionals who can guide you through the accreditation and upgrade process saves time, effort and money.

Rainmakers is fortunate to have as a Consortium Partner, Jaeger-Holland, one of the top consulting firms for ISO/QS9000 in the nation. The following article provides both the background on Jaeger-Holland and a description of the various Standards and descriptions.  Click on the Full Story below.

For additional information or a request for assistance call Rainmakers at 847/251-3327.

Case Study: How To Increase Your Inventory Accuracy by 50% or more... No kidding.
by Rick Duris, BTG, Inc.

Dear reader,


The following article was published in Rick Duris’s “Un-Plugged” on-line newsletter. Rick, hands-down, is one of the most unique & talented systems integrators I have ever had the pleasure of meeting over my past 20+ years doing Rainmaking in Chicago land!  His “common-sense” approach is too un-common!


The Case Study described in this article is an excellent example of the “holistic” approach required to get realistic expectations met, if not-exceeded, on time and budget.  I rarely have seen a business that did not suffer, to some degree, from the problems illustrated in Rick’s Case Study: “How to Increase Your Inventory Accuracy by 50% or more. No Kidding”.


Your company may benefit by passing this one around.


Click here or below on the Full Story to see for yourself.

Enjoy... Your Rainmakers Team.

Warding off the “Winners Curse”
Case Study Estimating solutions for Metalworking, Plastics and Woodworking Industries
by On Course Technologies, Inc.

Dear Reader,


Quicker, cheaper, the way I want it, with quality…. Please! 


Do you hear your clients requesting something similar to this (expect maybe no please)?  I certainly do. Your company must be seeing some up tick in the marketplace – but business is not getting any easier!


Mid-market manufacturers especially continue to get hit hard.  Anything that can help you “gain an edge” at low risk and cost I would imagine might “tickle your interest”.  This SMOKE SIGNAL talks about one such “Best Practice” to employ if….


v     Your firm is a discrete component  manufacturer in the metal working, plastics or woodworking industries

v     Estimating is a major bottleneck – especially accurate estimating so you win the business you need (while protecting margins) and lose the “profit leaks”.

v     You’re interested in “Best of Breed” solutions with a short pay-back timeframe.


Warding off the “Winners Curse” describes a case study of Industrial Machine Works, a mid-market supplier of replacement and repair parts to the papermaking and petrochemical industries. It describes how Industrial Machine Works uses OnCourse Technologies Micro Estimating package to accomplish the following:


ü     Accurately models what occurs in their shop thereby enabling quick and easy estimate development that ensures proper margins.

ü     Integrates with CAD system to eliminate manual entry and issues and increase accuracy

ü     Easily adapts to their unique environment – contains robust databases of CNC machine tools and standard production equipment

Click on the Full Story below to read about it.


As always, let me know how Rainmakers can be of service. Thanks for your time.


Jon C. Liberman







About OnCourse Technologies, Inc.
OnCourse Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiaries offers Manufacturing Process Management for metalworking companies. Time compression technologies from OnCourse offer robust and intelligent engineering software for pre-engineering, process planning, cost estimating, and automating CNC programming. The integrated OnCourse technologies are unique in the market, incorporating Intelligent Knowledge Based Manufacturing with Automatic Feature Recognition to electronically read and interpret mechanical drawings. Advanced solutions like these supports rapid, precise, and accurate manufacturing cost, as well as automatic programming of CNC machines tools. OnCourse also operates integrated B2B systems for direct material and metal sourcing.

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