VOLUME 2 ISSUE 11   November 2005
A Message from the Executive Director
“Official Penn State Bowl Tour” Planned
Alumni Council Meets
Penn State to Launch New Electronic Transcript Service
Promoting Group Events Online is Easy as 1, 2, 3
Four Individuals and 21 Groups Honored With Volunteer Awards
Montgomery County Penn Staters Go on Ghost Hunt
Bringing Home the Lions
Capture the Excitement of Homecoming 2005
Alumni Visit the Birthplace of Secession and War
One Quick E-mail Could Earn Your Group $50
Smeal College of Business Moves into 21st Century
We Want to Hear From You
It’s fitting that Penn State’s season of destiny should come down to a climactic game with Michigan State on November 19. These two great universities are the Romulus and Remus of the American land-grant college movement and are both celebrating their 150th anniversaries this year. Thus, the Land-Grant Trophy—awarded each year to the victor—takes on added significance as the last act of our respective Sesquicentennial celebrations.
“Official Penn State Bowl Tour” Planned
As the Nittany Lions near the end of their amazing comeback season, the Penn State Alumni Association is busy planning the “Official Penn State Bowl Tour”—the first bowl trip for the Nittany Nation since a Jan. 1, 2003 trip to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, Fla.

Alumni Council Meets
Penn State Alumni Association’s 86-member Alumni Council held one of two annual meetings on Nov. 3 and 4, discussing a wide range of topics.

Penn State to Launch New Electronic Transcript Service
Each year, Penn State receives about 120,000 requests from students and alumni who need copies of their official transcripts. For the past several years, the University has allowed students and alumni to electronically order copies of official transcripts, which are then printed and mailed to them. Now, Penn State is stepping up its service and will soon be able to issue transcripts electronically.
tips & best practices
Promoting Group Events Online is Easy as 1, 2, 3
The Penn State Alumni Association Web site had an average of 71,788 hits, 10,336 page views, and 3,913 user sessions per day in 2004. One of the most visited pages on the Alumni Association’s Web site was the events page—the page where groups can promote their upcoming events.
in the spotlight
Four Individuals and 21 Groups Honored With Volunteer Awards
Twenty-five different individuals and groups received much deserved recognition from the Penn State Alumni Association on Nov. 4 through the presentation of the 2005 Volunteer Awards The Volunteer Awards were presented during a banquet in the atrium of the new Business Building before the entire Penn State Alumni Council and guests.

Montgomery County Penn Staters Go on Ghost Hunt
The Montgomery County (Pennsylvania) Chapter has hosted all of the usual alumni events like TV tailgating parties, picnics, service events, and happy hour get-togethers. But the group was looking to add something different to the schedule when they discovered Ghost Tours of Philadelphia. They had a chillingly good time roaming the streets of Philadelphia looking for ghosts.

Bringing Home the Lions
The Singing Lions, a Penn State song and dance ensemble, is celebrating 25 years of bringing 20th century American popular music to the Penn State family. The group’s 2006 Spring Break Tour (March 3–11) is the perfect opportunity to bring the song and dance to your alumni group.
association highlights
Capture the Excitement of Homecoming 2005
Students, alumni, and friends at Homecoming Weekend 2005 had something to celebrate when the Nittany Lions downed Purdue 33-15. But the excitement didn’t end there. Homecoming Weekend was packed with activities including the Student/Alumni Ice Cream Social, one of America’s largest Homecoming parades, and much more. This photo gallery, courtesy of the Penn State Alumni Association, captures some of the action.

Alumni Visit the Birthplace of Secession and War
Charleston is one of the prettiest, most genteel cities of the South today. But nearly 150 years ago, it was the site that saw the beginning of the Civil War. Nearly 100 Penn State alumni and friends met in Charleston, S.C., in early October to begin a three-day educational immersion program in Civil War history.
member center
One Quick E-mail Could Earn Your Group $50
What if just by sending an e-mail to alumni in your area and asking them to consider life membership you could make $50 or more for your chapter or group? Would you do it?
a moment in penn state history
Smeal College of Business Moves into 21st Century
What can be created using one acre of roofing, 1,942 tons of steel, 5,700 cubic yards of concrete, 250,000 bricks, and 328,600 pounds of sheet metal? “Connections” according to the Smeal College of Business. With the official opening of the 210,000-square-foot new Business Building—the largest academic facility at Penn State—business education has come a long way since its early Penn State beginnings.
Upcoming Events
Bringing alumni together is the heart of our mission and our identity. The Alumni Association’s annual events and programs such as reunions, homecoming activities, and pep rallies promote feelings of nostalgia and connection to the University and to each other among alumni.
11.19.05 :: AutumnFest at Michigan State
11.12.05 :: Community Service Saturday Sort-a-Thon (Vermont Chapter)
11.13.05 :: Golf Tournament (Orange County Chapter)
11.17.05 :: Young Alumni Happy Hour (Orange County Chapter)
11.19.05 :: TV Tailgate—Penn State vs. Michigan State (Montgomery County Chapter)
11.19.05 :: Weekly Penn State Tailgate in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Chapter)
11.19.05 :: Counting our Blessings by Giving Day (Orange County Chapter)
11.26.05 :: Thanksgiving Weekend Bowling Outing (Montgomery County Chapter)
12.04.05 :: Holiday Brunch (Orange County Chapter)
12.06.05 :: Christmas Dinner Meeting (Worthington-Scranton Alumni Society)
12.07.05 :: Holiday Dinner Party (Dayton Chapter)
12.07.05 :: Christmas Dinner and Party (Westmoreland County Chapter)
We Want to Hear From You
Please tell us about an event your group has hosted or one that’s upcoming. Share with us your successful group initiatives, or tell us about things you’d like us to include in future issues of this e-newsletter. Of course, we don’t just want to hear about it, we’d love to see it, too. So if you have pictures to go along with story ideas, please include those as well. Submit all information to kdp10@psu.edu. And of course, if you have questions feel free to contact us at alumni-relations@psu.edu or 800-548-LION.
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A Message from the Executive Director
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Association Highlights
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A Moment in Penn State History


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Penn State, Michigan State to celebrate agricultural heritage prior to football game
Alumni turn to Penn State for career guidance
Homecoming packed with activities
Fans turn out in force for Alumni Association tailgate
Twenty-five Individuals and Groups Honored with 2005 Volunteer Awards from Penn State Alumni Association
Penn State maintains enrollment; minority enrollment, applications reach record levels
College of the Liberal Arts ranks among best in the nation
Penn State students manage investment fund to 13 percent gain this year
BusinessWeek ranks Penn State Executive Programs among its top 10
Penn State celebrates promotion, tenure with book exhibit
Iraqi child's heart repaired at Penn State Children's Hospital
ESPN to air Penn State-Michigan State football finale at 4 p.m. on Nov. 19
Penn State football weekend tabbed
Paterno and Posluszny semifinalists for Munger and Bednarik Awards
Penn State nation's only school with five fall teams in top 25
Weimer earns Soccer America National Player of the Week
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