VOLUME 3 ISSUE 9   September 2006
Alumni and Membership Snapshot

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At last count, 6,277 Penn State alumni lived outside the United States, while 453,346 alumni lived within the U.S. border. Within the 50 states, it's no surprise that Pennsylvania is the state with the most Penn State alumni. More than one-half of all living, addressable Penn State alumni live in Pennsylvania—260,539. But what about membership in the Penn State Alumni Association? There are some fun facts to be gleaned from the Penn State Alumni Association's new membership numbers.

Pennsylvania's overall membership rate is not one of the highest in the country—it's actually pretty middle of the pack at 33 percent. But with 86,085 Alumni Association members, the Keystone State is definitely tops in gross numbers, far outstripping New Jersey with its 8,858 members (out of 20,300 alumni for a chart-topping 44 percent penetration rate). Here's how the rest of the states stack up in terms of membership rates.

Top 10 states in Penn State Alumni Association membership rates:

  1. New Jersey: 44% (20,300 alumni; 8,858 members)
  2. Connecticut: 41% (4,543; 1,844)
  3. Virginia: 39% (17,431; 6,831)
  4. Maryland: 38% (17,132; 6,565)
  5. Illinois: 38% (4,502; 1,718)
  6. South Carolina: 38% (2,802; 1,067)
  7. Alabama: 38% (996; 379)
  8. New York: 37% (17,344; 6,346)
  9. Florida: 37% (14,323; 5,264)
  10. Delaware: 37% (3,340; 1,227)

Within Pennsylvania, the most Penn State alumni live in the urban areas of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, but Centre County is high in total numbers, too. The top three counties in aggregate numbers are: Allegheny County (22,536), Montgomery County (19,410), and Centre County (15,278). In terms of Penn State Alumni Association membership rates, the picture is a little different.

Top 10 Pennsylvania counties in Penn State Alumni Association membership rates:

  1. Sullivan: 53% (130 alumni; 69 members)
  2. Centre: 50% (15,278; 7,651)
  3. Monroe: 46% (1,327; 609)
  4. Montour: 46% (382; 177)
  5. Union: 45% (801; 363)
  6. Pike: 45% (393; 177)
  7. Northampton: 43% (4,440; 1,896)
  8. Northumberland: 43% (1,301; 558)
  9. Snyder: 42% (553; 231)
  10. Lehigh: 41% (6,310; 2,616)

To view alumni and members maps of the world, United States, and Pennsylvania, go to www.alumni.psu.edu/about_us/alumni_map_06.pdf


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