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Thursday, October 28, 2010 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 4  
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Social Media Fiesta
This month, Ford Motor Company’s Head of Social Media, Scott Monty, joins Craig Fitzgerald, Editorial Director, IMN, to discuss the launch of the Ford Fiesta, which combined content marketing and social media marketing.
The results are incredibly impressive, so much so that Ford won Ad Age’s Marketer of the Year Award, which cited not only its traditional advertising but its use of less traditional content as illustrative examples of its forward thinking marketing.
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Marketer of the Year: Ford Motor Co.
by Rich Thomaselli

NEW YORK ( -- It was arguably the darkest hour for American automakers: Struggling with the collapse of the global economy, the U.S. government in 2008 bailed out General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group with generous loans that incited rancor and debate across the country. Not so with Ford.
60 Second Problem Solver: Should I use Twitter to resolve customer service issues?

It is tempting to swoop in to a customer's rescue via Twitter: real time complaints answered in near real time by the company - with the entire world watching. When it works, it works spectacularly. As just one example, the Consumerist - not a publication to automatically bow to companies' customer service PR stories - recently spotlighted a happy ending story featuring GE and Twitter.

A Soup to Nuts List of Email Marketing Touch Points

Over the years stores have learned to better integrate their bricks-and-mortar operations with their online presence. Often, though, the point of sale is overlooked. At some Abercrombie & Fitch stores however, the sales clerks are asking customers if they have checked out the site on Facebook, reports Fresh Networks. It is a great example, it said, of how to implement the simplest of all strategies to build a social media base: "use every existing customer touch point."

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Award-Winning Marketing
Last month, Kiki Mills, joined us to discuss what’s hot in marketing technology right now. Kiki also filled us in on what all of the buzz about FutureM – the first-ever multi-location event experience throughout Greater Boston. She also discussed MITX's Innovation Awards and the rise of social media.

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