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Thursday, September 30, 2010 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3  
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Innovation, Technology & Marketing
This month, Kiki Mills, President, Massachusetts Innovation Technology Exchange (MITX), joins Liz Bearce, Director of Marketing Communications, IMN, to discuss what’s hot in marketing technology right now. Kiki also fills us in on what all of the buzz about FutureM is – the first-ever multi-location event experience throughout Greater Boston.
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A Guide to FutureM – Design & Customer Experience
by Kiki Mills

With nearly 50 events scheduled for the FutureM week  of October 4-8, 2010 – we get it may be a little overwhelming to figure out what to do. And there’s only so much time you can spend out of the office. So, we’re here to help guide you.
Maker of BlackBerry Introduces Tablet
by Ian Austen

OTTAWA — Research In Motion, the Canadian maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, introduced its first tablet computer on Monday at a developers’ conference in San Francisco. But in a return to its roots, the company said that the new device, the BlackBerry PlayBook, would be aimed mainly at business users.
Easy Ways to Socialize Your Email
by Sherry Chiger

Now that even the most ardent social media advocate will admit that Facebook and the like won’t be killing off email anytime soon, marketers are focusing on how best to leverage social media with email to increase audience reach, customer engagement and retention, and of course, revenue. At Epsilon’s Email Institute Leadership Forum in New York on Sept. 14, Shannon Aronson, senior director, strategic and analytical consulting group at Epsilon, offered several suggestions.

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PR: Dead or Alive?
Last month, Erika Taylor Montgomery joined us to discuss the current state of public relations. Erika gave us some great insight into how social media has affected public relations, as well as a few examples of successful campaigns she has worked on.

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