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Monday, August 30, 2010 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 2  
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PR and Social Media
This month, Erika Taylor Montgomery, CEO and Chief Publicist, Three Girls Media, joins Liz Bearce, Director, Marketing Communications, IMN to discuss public relations today. Montgomery talks about how social media has changed public relations. She also gives her opinion about the "traditional press release" and when/how/if it should be used.
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Big Brands Are Digging In
by Todd Wasserman, Brandweek

Reasoning that an endless stream of content is required to engage fans, General Electric, Electronic Arts and Red Bull last week launched their own Digg pages, along with banner ads teasing Digg content.
How iPad Usage is Shaping Up

With iPads now in the hands of millions, studies have begun to examine how the superhyped tablet is fitting into real life, and whether the opportunity for publishers and advertisers is as big as they hoped.
ShareThis Puts A Value On Shared Content
by Laurie Sullivan

ShareThis plans to release two analytics tools that allow advertisers and marketers to determine the value of content being shared across Web sites. Through both, Social Reach and Audience Index, brands have an opportunity to understand the value of social traffic.

In the News
Survey Results

Do you still use traditional press releases?

Yes, it is a great way to gain exposure and drive SEO

Sometimes, it depends on what I am announcing

No, the traditionoal press release is dead

Has social media affected the way you publicize company information?

Yes, we communicate news through a much wider variety of channels

Somewhat, we do a mix of traditional and 2.0-style PR

No, our PR efforts are very traditional


Landing Page Limbo
Last month, David Cancel, CEO, Performable, joined Nat Cramer, Director Digital Marketing, IMN, to discuss landing pages and how marketers are using them. Cancel gave some great suggestions and advice to marketers on how to effectively drive conversions through landing pages.

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