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December 2011
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Cross Bars for Sorento

Sorento Mud Guards

Kia Soul Hood Deflector

2011 Kia Forte Koup
$17,999.00 Stock # P2052

Stock # P2052
Kia Forte Koup with sunroof, leather.18,487 miles. Like new

2010 Kia Forte Sedan EX
$13,999.00 Stock#P2051

Stock #2051
2010 Kia Forte Sedan EX. Great gas milage. Power windows and locks. Sirius Satellite radio, USB, Bluetooth and more.

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Variable Discount Coupon
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Cross Bars for Sorento
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Kia Soul Hood Deflector
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2011 Kia Forte Koup
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Kia Car Care: YES Essentials®
Helping to keep your interior in tip-top shape.

Life happens. Thankfully, when life’s accidents happen in your Kia with YES Essentials® stain, odor and static resistant fabrics, they don’t have to leave a permanent mark.
Whether undertaking a solo commute to the office, shopping for groceries or shuttling the kids to school or soccer practice, sooner or later, something will get spilled or dropped on the seats or floormats of your Kia. That hot coffee may leave a stain on your lap, but it won’t harm your seats. 
When a spill does happen, instead of getting absorbed into the material, YES Essentials seats and mats repel liquid and cause it to bead up so it can be easily wiped away. Even when you don’t get to the mess right away, dried or ground in stains can be cleaned with just soap and water.
Drivers and passengers get in and out tens of thousands of times over the life of a vehicle, so the upholstery needs to be made to last. YES Essentials fabrics have been developed with durability in mind.
A vehicle is exposed to all manner of environmental conditions, and its interior is a magnet for dirt, smoke, mold, bacteria and all sorts of allergens. YES Essentials materials are designed to improve the interior air quality by inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria and actively eliminate the sources of annoying odors. These fabrics have also been formulated to minimize the release of odors from volatile organic compounds.
Anyone living with cold, dry winter air knows that sliding across traditional seat fabrics can often lead to the buildup of nasty static charges. Besides being annoying, those static charges can also be harmful to the electronic devices that we depend on day to day. YES Essentials fabrics incorporate an antistatic agent that actually disperses the static and reduces buildup by more than 50 percent. 
Going through life should be about creating memories, but not every one of those needs to leave an imprint on the interior of your vehicle. With YES Essentials coverings, your Kia can get you to the places where life happens without constantly reminding you of spilled juice, muddy shoes or ketchup-dipped fries. Fewer shocks, smells and stains? Just say YES. Contact us for more details.


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