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August 2016
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Hail came to Southern Colorado, AKA ‘Hail Alley’, in early August and it was a very bad storm.

Hail came to Southern Colorado, AKA ‘Hail Alley’, in early August and it was a very bad storm.
If you were in your home IN or AROUND the August 1st hail storm in Colorado Springs, you get why our KOAA called it a catastrophic event!

We understand USAA Insurance received over 15,000 claims JUST from that storm (they are just one of many insurance providers, too). Perkins Motors has many friends that actually had their windows blown out both in their homes and vehicles. Scary!

Click Full Story to find out what to do if you were affected.


It can happen to the best of us:
Summer trips and locked keys in vehicles!

summer trips and locked keys in vehicles!
The summer is in full force here in Colorado! Many of us are taking to our vehicles to see the state’s beauty. Some may travel up Pikes Peak, many will go to places such as Vail or Salida, and even more folks will travel by vehicle out of state. It is wise to plan, plan and do some more planning for your time away. It is wise to have safety kits (which we reported on to you months ago) along with good vehicle pre-trip maintenance. However, there is a common hassle many of us experience while on the road, and we want to provide you with tips to avoid a headache we could all experience: locking keys in a vehicle by accident!

Vehicle Details: 2017 300S Sport Appearance Packages
Add some attitude to your 300

The Chrysler 300 stands out in a sea of boring full-size sedans, and for those drivers who want to make an even bigger statement, Chrysler offers exterior and interior Sport Appearance Packages for the already dark and sophisticated 300S.

Vehicle Details: Chrysler PacifiKids
New ad campaign shows off the family friendly features of the new Pacifica

To help introduce the all-new 2017 Pacifica, Chrysler got three kids and model Brooklyn Decker together to take a look at the new model in a new way.

Service Requests Are Now Online!

Service appointments can now be scheduled online! Select your vehicle, your services, your time, and book your next appointment - all while browsing the web.

Cool Off This Summer with These Creative Ideas
Beat the summer heat with these creative ways to cool off

Even the best air conditioning systems may struggle to cool down your home when summer begins to ramp up. When the heats gets overbearing, try cooling off with these creative ideas.

5 Best Rated Breakfast Joints in Colorado
Enjoy top-notch breakfast foods at these unique restaurants

Whether it is the savory delight of a good potato hash or the sweetness of a cinnamon roll, the first meal of the day can indicate how your day will go.

New Car Scam – Be aware!

As you know, the Perkins Motors team is fully dedicated to keeping our friends free of vehicle scams. There are countless car/truck/motorcycle scams that impact consumers across the US each day. It is literally a billion dollar industry. We have reported on many over the past year, including the infamous Craigslist scam(s). You may remember the work we did a while back with KKTV to let the public know of a certain Craigslist scam…see here to refresh your memory and to keep safe!

Car Care: Back to School Checklist
Keep your vehicle running smoothly

The summer driving season is nearly over and stores are full of back to school merchandise.

Best Apps to Help Your Child Succeed in School
Five apps for improving your student’s performance in the classroom and beyond

Today’s education system is quite different from what it was 10 to 20 years ago.

Set Your Child Up for Success with These College Saving Tips
Suggestions for saving up money for your child’s education

There is no greater joy for a parent than seeing their son or daughter walk on stage and accept their college degree.

How to Simplify Your Family’s Morning Routine
Get up and out the door with less stress in the mornings

Many American households are home to contained hurricanes every morning, as children rush to get ready for school, adults try to prepare for work and supervise the kids and everyone tries to get out the door on time.

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