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September 2015
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Great Deals on 2015 Ram 1500 During Ram Truck Month!

2015 Ram 1500
Click Here for a great deal on Ram 1500s during Ram Truck Month.

Vehicle Comparison: 2015 Chrysler 300 vs. Ford Taurus
A full-size showdown

Americans have always loved full-size luxury sedans, and there’s little wonder why. They’re comfortable and powerful, and today’s models benefit from advanced technology and safety, excellent handling and better fuel economy than ever before. Among the more popular choices are the Chrysler 300, available here at Perkins Motors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the Ford Taurus; when they’re put up against each other, the 300 is better in nearly every way.

Vehicle Details: 2015 Chrysler Town & Country Awards
The head of the class

It’s easy to understand why the Chrysler Town & Country, on sale now here at Perkins Motors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has won more awards than any other minivan. There is no other minivan that offers its combination of performance, innovation, value and standard amenities.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited

2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited
Save big on this 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited during the Jeep Celebration event!

Service Requests Are Now Online!

Service appointments can now be scheduled online! Select your vehicle, your services, your time, and book your next appointment - all while browsing the web.

5 Foods to Eat Now to Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer
Fight prostate cancer with these nutritious foods

Through the results of multiple studies over the years, researchers have found that certain foods have a strong correlation to preventative care, including reducing the risk of prostate cancer. The key is following a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals, while avoiding fatty foods such as processed meals, red meat and dairy products. To ward off prostate cancer, nutritionists suggest consuming these five foods on a regular basis:

How to Get on Your Favorite TV Game Shows
Go from simply watching to competing on television’s most famous game shows

For most people, TV game shows are nothing more than a spectator sport. But if you have ever wanted to make the transition from your living room to the television studio for a shot at fortune and (temporary) fame, all it takes is a little perseverance. Here is how to land yourself on three of America’s favorite TV game shows.

Top Five Festivals and Carnivals in Colorado
Colorado comes alive this month with many great events

As summer comes to a close, fall welcomes us with open arms—and a wealth of fun festivals. Whether you’re looking to enjoy live musical performances, eat some tasty fare or just spend time with your family or friends outdoors in the crisp weather, these top events in Colorado are sure to please.

Understanding Your Vehicle Recall

Recall Notice
Have you received a recall notice in the mail? Are you curious if you are affected by the recalls currently going on? Do you know what to do next? Well, Perkins Motors is here to help you understand what the recalls are and how you can make the right decision for your lifestyle. In today’s day and age, it is hard to not receive a recall on a vehicle for some item of correction. FCA Recalls have been determined on vehicles including RAM and Jeep models and ranging from years of 1993 all the way to 2012.

2016 Chrysler 200 Limited

Amazing offer on this great 2016 Chrysler 200 Limited for the Chrysler Anniversary Celebration.

Car Care: Back to School Maintenance
Routine maintenance will help your vehicle run smoothly for the entire school year

Whether you’re ferrying a brood to preschool or sending an older child off to college this fall, it’s a great time of year to check out your vehicle. The last thing you need in the middle of the term is the distraction of car trouble. While you take the time to check off the school supply list, here are a few items to ensure your vehicle can keep up with you.

Foods You’ve Probably Been Cutting Wrong Your Whole Life
You’ve prepared all of these foods before, but you’ve probably never prepared them like this

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time preparing meals or entertaining guests, then you’ve likely had to serve cake and ice cream or prepare a dish that includes onions or tomatoes. Yet, for all the times you’ve prepared these foods, you have probably never cut them in the most efficient and painless way possible. Here are five foods that you’ve probably been cutting wrong your whole life, and the ways that you should cut them henceforth:

5 Commands Every Dog Should Learn
Keep your dog happy, safe and obedient with these simple commands

When families adopt a new dog, they often only think about playing fetch, cuddling on the couch and going for jogs with their new friend. However, many families forget that taking in a dog is also hard work. Dog owners must put forth great effort to train their dogs to be obedient; a disciplined dog is a happy dog—and a safe one. Teaching a dog simple commands is the easiest way to ensure that the dog is well-behaved.

Easy Arts and Crafts with Fallen Leaves
Bring life to fallen leaves by turning them into craft projects

As summer turns to autumn, your yard will quickly fill with brightly-colored red, yellow and brown leaves. While these fallen leaves may seem like a nuisance, seeing them through a creative eye will reveal their potential as works of art. Next time you’re outside, gather up an armful of colorful leaves and turn them into a creative project.

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