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August 2015
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Summer Clearance at Perkins Motors

Itís not the Heat or the Humidity, Itís the Deals. Great savings on NEW Vehicles at Perkins Motors!

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Vehicle Profile: 2015 Chrysler 200
Individual appeal, value for all

When choosing a new vehicle, some people are all about the price, some want a vehicle that stands out from the crowd, others are all about technology, and there are some who care only about performance. Regardless of what is important to you in a new vehicle, the 2015 Chrysler 200, on sale here at Perkins Motors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will exceed your expectations.

Vehicle Details: Chrysler 90th Anniversary Editions
Celebrating 90 years of excellence

Walter P. Chrysler founded Chrysler in 1925 with a commitment to the public to build vehicles with quality, beauty, comfort, power, and solid value. Chrysler has succeeded in this mission, and to celebrate, it is offering Anniversary Packages here at Perkins Motors in Colorado Springs, Colorado on the 200, 300 and Town & Country.

Service Requests Are Now Online!

Service appointments can now be scheduled online! Select your vehicle, your services, your time, and book your next appointment - all while browsing the web.

5 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
Forget surgeryóthese tips could help you improve your eyesight naturally

Some of us are lucky enough to be born with near-perfect vision. These individuals will go through life never needing to wear glasses. Others arenít so lucky and must shell out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year for contact lenses, reading glasses, bifocals, designer framesóyou name it.

5 Highly Anticipated Books to Be Released This Summer
Get ready for beach reading with this list of summerís hottest releases

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. Whether youíre enjoying a trip to the beach or having a staycation at home, sitting down with a good read helps relax the mind and give it a break from the stress of our everyday lives. Here are some of the most anticipated new releases that you can look forward to finding in your local bookstore or library this season:

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half
Save some money every month without going hungry

One of the biggest expenses facing families every month is the cost of keeping the refrigerator full. Eating well isnít cheap, but it can be a lot more affordable if you know exactly how to shop. The amount of money you spend at the grocery store every month may be one of your biggest expenses, but itís also one of the most easily adjusted, and a good strategy is the key to saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year.

5 Tips on Buying the Perfect Car for Your Lifestyle
by Crystal Johnston Ė Perkins Motors

New car buying isnít what it used to be. In recent years, the car buying experience entailed shopping dealership to dealership, cutting out newspaper ads and asking friends for advice of where to go. Well, the times have changed and so has the new car buying experience. Perkins Motors has tips on how to make the car buying experience easier and how you can walk away with the right vehicle for your lifestyle.


5 Farmers Markets in Colorado For a Delicious Summer
Get your farm-to-table goods at these top farmers markets

Where can you find the best fresh local produce at the best prices? Farmers markets, of course. And here in Colorado, there are a ton of these to choose from, giving you lots of opportunities to not only pick up some delicious goods for your next meal but enjoy a fun and unique outing with family or friends. So where to start? Check out these top farmers markets today:

Car Care: Oil Level
Understanding oil level can help maintain proper engine health and extend vehicle life

Recently, a prominent consumer publication noted that some vehicles consume oil in between services. While it may sound like an old-fashioned concern, it can be true of both newer and older engines.

5 Must-Haves for Your College Dorm
Be the cool kid on your floor with these college dorm must-haves

When you move to college, your dorm room becomes your home away from home. Because many dorm rooms arenít exactly large or nicely decorated, itís important to buy the right items to make your room your own. If youíre looking to be the cool kid in your dorm, here is a list of college dorm room must-haves you will want to pick up before you start your college journey.

Gas Grilling vs. Charcoal Grilling
Make the right choice between a gas or charcoal grill

There are many reasons why summertime is the best part of the year - swimming pools are open, the roads are ready for your motorcycle or convertible, and, best of all, it is grilling season. The decision to have a cookout is never tough, but the choice of whether to use charcoal or gas can be difficult for novices. The answer to which grill to use depends on what youíre cooking, how much cleaning you can tolerate, and how much cash you have in your pockets to keep those machines running.

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