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June 2013
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Perkins Motors would like to express our sincere thanks to all the Firefighters, First Responders, Police, volunteers, city officials and all of the branches of the military that have assisted with fighting the Black Forest Fire and all of the other fires around us. 


Service Requests Are Now Online!

Service Appointments can now be scheduled online! Select your vehicle, your services, your time, and book your next appointment all while browsing the web.

Vehicle Profile: “2013.5” Chrysler 200S Special Edition
A luxury sedan with grit and sophistication

Photo: “2013.5” Chrysler 200S Special Edition
The definition of American luxury has changed through the decades, but tenants like fine craftsmanship, refinement and personalization are timeless. This respect for old and new is exemplified in the 2013.5 (2013-and-a-half) Chrysler 200S Special Edition. Together with Carhartt, Chrysler designed the limited-production 200S Special Edition to reflect the spirit and work ethic of the Motor City and it's now available here at Perkins Motors in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Vehicle Details: Chrysler Town & Country
Town & Country withstands the tests of ownership

Photo: Chrysler Town & Country
Picture a high-performance supercar barreling down a racetrack. The driver tucks into a hard turn, followed by a straight, followed once again by a hard turn. The vehicle is piloted by a professional test driver and is being put through its paces before it is made available to the public. For the high-speed supercar, this is an appropriate test environment, but for family-focused vehicles, such testing is not as useful.

Artificial Tanners: Are They Safe?
Sunless tanning can get you glowing without the risks

Looking for a summery glow this season but worried about skin cancer? Many people are turning to sunless tanners instead of baking under real rays or hitting the tanning salon. And for good reason — too much sun exposure or indoor tanning can raise your risk of skin cancer, including the most dangerous kind, melanoma, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

How to Choose an E-Reader
Consider these features and options before you buy

While some people prefer the feel of a traditional book in their hands, e-readers are an increasingly popular way to purchase, store and read everything from magazines to favorite novels and cookbooks. If you're in the market for an e-reader, consider cost, size, readability, functionality and services to find one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Five Great Puzzle Video Games
Fun and challenge attract puzzle gamers

Do you need some serious brain stimulation? Are you looking for a good, healthy workout for your gray matter? Try playing puzzle video games. They're a great way to have fun and challenge yourself mentally. The following five puzzle video games are some of the most popular.

Featured Pre-Owned Special
2008 BMW 5 Series 535xi

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Five Hiking Trails in Colorado
Summer outings for sunshine and scenery

Colorado is known for its spectacular hiking. With trails through the mountains, across the plains, or along lakes and rivers, you can experience the state’s varied scenery while you catch some sun and stretch your legs. For summer exercise, it’s hard to beat a good hike up a Colorado mountainside.

Featured Pre-Owned Vehicle
2007 Honda Fit Sport

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Featured Pre-Owned Vehicle
2007 Lexus GX 470 470

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Car Care: Wheel Alignment
Proper alignment is imperative for your vehicle’s health

Photo: Car Care:  Wheel Alignment
One of the most important and yet neglected factors influencing the handling, and the fuel efficiency, of any car or truck is the wheel alignment. Your vehicle’s ability to go, stop and change direction is affected by the direction each of the wheels is pointing, and, whether you drive a compact car or full-size SUV or pickup, the directional control you get where the rubber meets the road is important for safety.

Keeping Your Money Safe on Vacation
Travel smart, but be prepared for theft or loss

Vacations are a time to relax and let go of your worries, but that doesn’t mean you can let down your guard when it comes to keeping your money safe. Tourists are often targets of pickpockets and crooks, but you can just as easily get into trouble if you lose your wallet yourself. Traveling safely means protecting your money, but also having a good backup plan.

Fun Facts About Summer Solstice
Read more about the official first day of summer

Summer is the best time of the year for enjoying the great outdoors. The first day of summer — the summer solstice — is the perfect time to pack away the blue jeans and take out the swimming trunks and sandals. Here are a few fun facts about the summer solstice.

Five Ways to Keep Pets Cool
Water play, shade and tasty treats

In the heat of the summer, you may be cranking up the air-conditioning to stay comfortable, but don’t forget about your four-legged pals — especially if they're spending a lot of time outdoors. Consider these five fun and easy ways to keep them cool and happy.

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