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July 2014
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Car Care Tips: Why Choose OEM Parts
The right part for the job

At some point in time, your vehicle will need to be worked on. Regardless of what needs to be done, from a basic oil and filter change to a serious powertrain issue, using the right parts is one of the most important things you can do.
A car or truck is one of the biggest investments most people make. When you think about how much you rely on your vehicle, it’s easy to see how important it is to use the right parts that are directly from the manufacturer if something needs to be repaired or replaced. While there are other companies vying for your money when you need parts, here are three reasons why you want to make sure OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are the only items that go into your vehicle.
Quality – Many companies don’t put the research or the time into making sure the parts they manufacture are as well-made and fit as well as their OEM counterparts, and while these parts are usually cheaper, they often don’t perform and/or last as long as factory parts. What good is a part if it doesn’t serve its purpose? All things considered, it can actually end up costing you more if something else happens.  
Selection – When you order parts from a miscellaneous website, you’re not assured of anything. When you head into your dealership and need a part, you know they’ll have or can get exactly what you need. What’s more, they can help you determine what you need if you’re not sure. Your dealership’s parts personnel know virtually anything you need to know about your specific vehicle and have catalogs to track down everything from the tiniest fasteners to major parts. Best of all, you know those parts are going to be the exact parts that were designed for your vehicle.
Warranty – Another major advantage of getting OEM parts is you’re not going to buy something that voids your warranty. Putting non-OEM parts in your vehicle is not only dangerous, you may end up voiding any warranty coverage that you may have remaining. Saving a few dollars in the short run may cost you thousands in the long run.
The best bet for anything automobile related is to head into your dealership where factory-trained staff and technicians can help ensure that your vehicle gets the proper attention and is fixed the right way, with the right parts, every time.
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