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June 2014
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Five New Smartphone Options for 2014
Check out the latest and greatest in mobile tech this year

New smartphones come out on a regular basis, and oftentimes there are innovations that get consumers excited about the latest new device. While there may be a good reason to wait for the next new tech on the horizon, there are plenty of current devices worth checking out. Here are five smartphone options for 2014.
HTC One (M8)
Companies like Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the smartphone market, but HTC still produces intriguing phones. The latest is the updated version of the HTC One, also called the M8. This smartphone has a quad-core processor, a five-inch 1080p super LCD touchscreen and a layer of Gorilla Glass 3 with scratch-resistant coating. The device runs the Android 4.4.2 "KitKat" operating system and more information is available at http://www.htc.com/us/smartphones/htc-one-m8.
LG G Flex
A flexible smartphone? That is indeed the concept of the LG G Flex. While this particular smartphone does have physical limits, the curved design is engineered to withstand some of the rigors of life, and the exterior case features a "self-healing" coating. The device has a large six-inch screen and a 2.26 GHz quad-core processor. More information on this interesting smartphone can be found at http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/gflex/index.jsp.
Nokia Lumia Icon
The Nokia Lumia Icon is noteworthy because it runs the Windows Phone 8 operating system by Microsoft. In addition to the 2.2 GHz processor, the phone has four microphones, a five-inch screen and the ability to show 1080p video. The 20 megapixel, six-lens camera is designed to take great pictures in a variety of settings and more information on this smartphone can be found at http://www.nokia.com/us-en/phones/phone/lumia-icon.
Samsung Galaxy S5
Hot off the presses is the Samsung Galaxy S5, which features a fast 2.5 GHz processor and a 5.1-inch display. The rear camera is an impressive 16 megapixels with "fast auto focus." In addition, the phone features a heart rate sensor and a personal fitness tracker that can pair with other Samsung exercise devices. The phone is water- and dust-resistant, and information can be found at http://www.samsung.com/global/microsite/galaxys5.
Sony Xperia Z2
The Xperia Z2 is one of Sony's several Android-based smartphones. This model features a 5.2-inch screen and a 20.7 megapixel camera. In addition, the smartphone is reputed to be four times sharper than full HD. The Z2 is waterproof, dustproof and has the ability to connect to external USB devices via USB On-the-Go. More information on this device can be found at http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/phones/xperia-z2.
It can be exciting to get a new piece of technology, and the smartphone has changed the way that people conduct business, communicate, and enjoy various types of media. These phones will eventually be replaced, but for now they are some of the hottest devices on the market.
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