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February 2014
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Best P.O.V. Action Cameras
Get one of these cameras and get ready for some action

The P.O.V. (Point-of-View or POV) camera is generally defined as a video camera that is designed for action-based video. This device has become popular for use with action sports, but these cameras are also useful for capturing everyday life. The POV is typically worn as opposed to being held like a standard video camera. This makes the device ideal for biking, hiking, jumping out of airplanes or just "life logging" everyday events. Here are five POV cameras to consider if you are in the market for this type of technology.
GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition
The GoPro is a well-known action camera, and the brand has several versions. One model in particular is the Hero3+ Black Edition. This model features built-in Wi-Fi, video resolution up to 4K and the ability to shoot photos at 30 frames per second. The Black Edition starts at $399.99, and more information is available at gopro.com/cameras/hd-hero3-black-edition.
Sony Action Cam
Sony's action camera is less than 3.2 ounces in weight and starts at $269. This camera has full HD video and can be controlled via Wi-Fi from a smartphone or tablet. Available accessories include a waterproof case and a Life View Remote, and the camera is designed to do well in low light. The camera can be mounted to a variety of sports gear, including helmets and ski goggles. More information is available at store.sony.com/action-cam/cat-27-catid-Action-Cam.
JVC Adixxion
A main selling point for the Adixxion is its durability, as JVC claims that it is dust-proof, freeze-proof, waterproof to five meters without a case and able to survive a fall from two meters. The Adixxion shoots 1080p full HD video and has built-in Wi-Fi. The more affordable model starts at $199.95, and more information is available at camcorder.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MODL029117&pathId=141&page=10.
Looxcie 3
This camera is one of the more compact devices on the market, weighing in at 1.3 ounces. At $99.99, it is an affordable device for those who want to acquire this technology without a major financial commitment. The Looxcie 3 has a rechargeable Li-ion battery, can record HD 720p video and stream to Facebook or other mobile devices. Specifications are available at www.looxcie.com/looxcie-3-base.
Drift HD Ghost
The Drift HD Ghost can shoot up to 1080p and has a battery that can last up to three hours. This unit sells from $299 and has a rotating lens to 300 degrees. The Ghost is waterproof up to three meters without a case and has a color Corning™ Gorilla Glass™ screen. The Drift Wi-Fi app can be used with Android and iOS operating systems. Additional information is available at driftinnovation.com/drift-ghost.
Whether you're into extreme sports or just want to capture life in action, the POV camera may be for you. Eventually, this type of technology may become the norm as people embrace a more active approach to filming.
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