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October 2011
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Vehicle Profile: The 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
Monolithic power, knife-edge handling, all-wheel drive. The sports car of your dreams.

Photo: The 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
Inner strength, it is said, is what makes a sports car a 911. In the 911 Carrera 4S, you get the inner strength of the 911 to the fourth power. The engine delivers bone-crushing torque, the suspension eats corners for breakfast and the all-wheel drive system takes what’s already phenomenal and makes it awesome, in the most literal sense of the word.
Vehicle Profile: The 2012 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid
Once again, Porsche alters your perception, this time with a hybrid SUV.

Photo: The 2012 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid
When Porsche launched the Cayenne in 2002, it did so to a lot of armchair quarterbacking about whether the company – known for lightweight, incredibly fast sports cars – could sell an SUV. Nine years later, the Cayenne is the most popular vehicle in the Porsche line. Now for 2012, Porsche one-ups the Cayenne by creating one with a hybrid propulsion system. The Cayenne S Hybrid succeeds by staying true to Porsche’s core values of performance, efficiency and unmatched handling.
Lease Offers On 911 & Boxster
Two icons of the Porsche lineup
by Pacific Porsche

It's always time to drive with the top down!

Pre Owned Specials For October So Good They're SCARY!!!
Always a fine selection to choose from
by Pacific Porsche

Something for everyone!

Discover the Oceanside Paradise of Puerto Vallarta
This Mexican city promises more than just beautiful beaches.

Photo: Discover the Oceanside Paradise of Puerto Vallarta
Voted the friendliest city in the world by Condé Nast magazine in 2003 and the best place to retire by the American Association of Retired Persons in 2010, Puerto Vallarta is truly a global treasure. The city is situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico in Banderas Bay where colorful beaches and cultural landmarks impress visitors from every corner of the map. Dive into an eco-friendly wilderness excursion or spend time among the region’s most prized artistic masterpieces – in Puerto Vallarta, every attraction is awe-inspiring.

Fight Back Against Sinus Infections
There are many ways to help prevent and treat sinusitis.

Photo: Fight Back Against Sinus Infections
Sinus infections, also known as sinusitis, are a widespread problem that can interfere with day-to-day life. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines sinusitis as inflammation of the sinuses that occurs with a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Sinusitis can be caused by a common cold, allergies or a problem with nasal structure. For many people, the symptoms of congestion, coughing and headaches are often unbearable. Fortunately, however, there are simple steps you can take to help alleviate a sinus infection or even avoid one altogether.

Not Buying It
Unusual celebrity endorsements.

Photo: Not Buying It
Celebrity endorsements are one of the most effective and memorable advertising tactics. Whether they bring a forgotten celebrity back into the spotlight or showcase one of our current favorites, there is no denying that when celebs talk, we listen. While a coveted beauty endorsement is the norm in Hollywood, some of these endorsements, to quote the famous Ray Charles Pepsi campaign, “Make you go uh-huh.”
Pacific Porsche Debuts Our Store Remodel
Come see our new look!
by Pacific Porsche

We've spent over half a million dollars to make Pacific Porsche the premier Porsche dealership in the country

The 2012 Porsche 911: Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show
The next generation of the Porsche icon!
by Pacific Porsche

More than 700,000 911's have been sold since 1963!

When Steve Jobs Gave Away Porsche 944s As An Employee benefit
This was a great reward for Apple's sales team!
by Pacific Porsche

This reminds us if Alec Balwin's scene in Glengary Glenn Ross!

Oktoberfest At Pacific Porsche
Part of our Remodeling Party
by Pacific Porsche

Great people, great food, great cars!

Heal the Bay's Coastal Cleanup Day
11,000 people, covered 86 miles and removed 22 tons of trash.
by Pacific Porsche

Another fantastic event where doing the little things, make a huge difference!

LAcarGUY Continues It's Work In The Cure For Cystic Fibrosis
We will once again donate $300 for every touchdown USC scores this year.
by Pacific Porsche

Last year LAcarGUY donated $15,900 to the cause!

LAcarGUY Sponsors The 21st Annual World Famous Pumpkin Race
Mark your calendars for October 30th!
by Pacific Porsche

The Pumpkin Race is a unique side-by-side single elimination race featuring handcrafted, decorated Pumpkin RaceCars

LAcarGUY Sponsors LA Clippers Charity Golf Classic
2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S As The HOLE IN ONE Car!
by Pacific Porsche

On Tuesday, October 18th at Trump National Golf Club


Car Care: Cooling System Maintenance
Make sure your cooling system is in tip-top shape.

Photo: Car Care: Cooling System Maintenance
For most drivers, a new car is their second biggest financial investment after a house, and they need it to run reliably for many years. The cooling system is one of the most important, yet often neglected regular maintenance items in any vehicle.

Get “Reel” About Getting Green
Reel mowers: Saving the earth while saving you money.

Photo: Get “Reel” About Getting Green
For many people, mowing the lawn is a total chore. To make things worse, filling your mower’s gas tank all summer can now cost more than the mower itself. How can you keep your grass, your costs and your fuel emissions low? It’s time to go back in time, all the way back to 1870. That’s when a man named Elwood McGuire of Richmond, Indiana starting selling the first commercially viable human-powered reel mower. Thanks to their low cost, zero carbon emissions and plain old vintage charm, the old-school mowers are becoming new again.
First-Class Travel Gadgets
These technological toys make jet setting a breeze.

Photo: First-Class Travel Gadgets
While traveling can be an exciting and eye-opening adventure, it can also be unpleasant. Jetlag, language barriers and other obstacles can threaten to spoil your big vacation or distract from a business trip. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of both simple and high-tech gadgets to help you navigate the world.
Staged to Sell
Decorate your home in a way that attracts more buyers.

Photo: Staged to Sell
Putting your house on the market can be a stressful endeavor. Fortunately, however, there are things you can do to make your home appeal to buyers and sell quickly. By strategically staging each room and the outdoor areas, your property will stand out as a great investment for someone looking to buy.
Published by Pacific Porsche
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