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Monday, May 3, 2010 P2P Issue 30: Kendall Webb,, Convio Goes Public, 2010 eNonprofit Study Released   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 30  
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Kendell Webb: BlogTalkRadio (Tuesday May 4 @ 12 Noon EDT)
Get the 2010 eNonprofit Benchmark Study (It's Free! Also, Important)
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Internet Management for Nonprofits: Strategies, Tools and Trade Secrets (The AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series)
In a Down Economy You Need Big Donors
Links from May 4 Radio Show - Page 1 News
Convio Goes Public at $9 A Share
708 Linkedin Group Members - Who will be the 709th?
Kendell Webb: BlogTalkRadio (Tuesday May 4 @ 12 Noon EDT)
Call World-Wide Number: (347) 324-3080

Kendall Webb, Founder and Executive Director:

He lectures around the world but now is here for you. From the latest in charity news, technology, fundraising and social networking, Ted Hart and his guests help you maneuver through this economic downturn in the charitable sector to greater levels of efficiency and fundraising success.

Call in and join the radio program @ 12 Noon on Tuesday, May 4

Page 2 Guest Expert: Kendell Webb Founder and Executive Director @ (twitter: @justgiveorg)

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Get the 2010 eNonprofit Benchmark Study (It's Free! Also, Important)
by Steve Peretz, M+R Strategic Services

The new 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from NTEN and M+R was just released. The new report might look slim and slick, but this scrappy guide is thick with valuable insights and key industry benchmarks for online messaging, fundraising and advocacy, based on a full year's worth of results from 31 of your nonprofit peers.

> Download the Full Report (It's Free!)

Here's a hit list of our high-level benchmarks from this year's study:

  • Email fundraising response rates were .13%, and email advocacy response rates were 4.00%.
  • The average gift size for a one-time online gift was $81.33.
  • Annual email file churn was just under 17%.
  • The average study participant sent 4 emails per subscriber per month, but Environmental nonprofits sent their subscribers 5.2 emails per month, while Health nonprofits sent just 2.1 emails per month, on average.
  • Online fundraising grew overall by 4.5% between 2008 and 2009, and for half of the nonprofits in our study, online revenue either held steady with 2008 or declined. This decline was driven by a drop in the average gift size.
  • Environmental nonprofits in our study raised 96% of their online revenue from one-time gifts. Health nonprofits, on the other hand, raised 50% of their online revenue from “other” gifts (including event giving) and tribute gifts. International groups lead the way through monthly giving, which made up more than 25% of their online revenue.

We are all really proud of this year's report! And we know there's a lot to digest.

So, if we were you, we'd download the full report and then give it a read, asking yourself these important questions:

  • Are we tracking these stats? Sometimes groups only focus on certain stats, and you may not be getting the full picture. The 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study covers just about everything we think you should be tracking to fully understand your online program's effectiveness.
  • Are my results different? If you're seeing some really major differences it could signal something important, and that's an area we recommend you start paying more attention to. You might not be able to resolve those differences right away, but your team should work to figure out what's behind that difference by focusing more attention on that area over the long-term.
  • How are my click-through rates? The largest difference between high and low performing email programs in our study was seen in email click-through rates. If you're looking to emulate the most successful email programs in our study, then work to improve your click-through rates!

© 2007-2010 NTEN

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Internet Management for Nonprofits: Strategies, Tools and Trade Secrets (The AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series)
New Book Available For Order


 Editor Steve MacLaughlin prepared the following list of our amazing authors in this book:


More than 18 months in development, 28 expert authors, this is the essential guide for nonprofits wanting to manage their Internet applications in a coordinated, cost-effective, and efficient manner

Blackbaud's Steve MacLaughlin's First Photo of the New Book - Atlanta GA The rapid onset of increasingly advanced and complex technologies has challenged nonprofits to invest with their sparse resources in attempting, and failing, to keep pace with for-profit companies, with the result that most now cannot compete with new commercial products and commercial applications. Internet Management for Nonprofits reveals how current technologies can be utilized in full measure most effectively by nonprofits and addresses how to manage various applications for maximum benefit to internal operations and community service.

  • Covers management models, social networking information, case studies, fundraising strategies, collaboration and coordination examples, and sample communications techniques
  • Includes chapters written by leading Internet professionals
  • In-depth discussion of Website design, technology trends, social networks, managing the organization using online tools, E-governance and board leadership, prospect research and donor modeling, volunteer recruitment and management, mobile technology, stewardship and relationship management, and green technology applications

Filled with case studies, Nonprofit Internet Management also includes screenshots, tables, worksheets and checklists. It's an essential resource for every nonprofit organization operating in our modern wired world.


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Links from May 4 Radio Show - Page 1 News
Below will be posted the links used on Page 1 in the May 4 - Nonprofit Coach Radio Show.
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Convio Goes Public at $9 A Share
Raises $46.2 Million In Offer
by Inyoung Hwang and Michael Tsang

Convio Inc., a maker of marketing software for non-profit organizations, advanced as much as 22 percent in its first day of trading after cutting the price of its $46.2 initial public offering.

Convio sold 5.13 million shares at $9 each yesterday after offering the stock at $10 to $12, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Bloomberg data. The Austin, Texas-based company climbed as high as $10.99 in Nasdaq Stock Market trading.

Read the entire Bloomberg article:

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