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Friday, September 12, 2008 P2P Vol 1 Issue 10: FrogLoop, Morgan Stanley, After Eudora, Avatars Ready, Podcast, Big Dollars   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 12  
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FrogLoop Interview on Social Networking, NetworkforGood Merger, and Going Green
What Really Works Online?
Morgan Stanley Nonprofit Conference - October 2-3 in NYC
Raising Big Dollars : Finding Your Best Prospects
Life After Eudora: Options for Nonprofits
Avatars Ready To Answer Your Nonprofit Questions Online
Podcast: How Content Publishers Are Using Web 2.0
FrogLoop Interview on Social Networking, NetworkforGood Merger, and Going Green
Clinton O'Brien Interviews Ted Hart
by Clinton O'Brien

Fundraising guru Ted Hart talks with Care2's Clinton O'Brien about Hart's new book "People to People Fundraising" which urges nonprofits to use online social networks. Hart also talks about the exciting new global organization, and the recent acquisition of the ePhilanthropy Foundation (which Hart founded) by Network for Good.

This interview was conducted for Care2's blog -- at -- serving nonprofit professionals engaged in online marketing, communications, advocacy and fundraising.

What Really Works Online?
Class is in Session! Learn Online. Class Fee Now USD $77 You save: USD $42.00
by P2P Staff

What does the “new breed” of online giver want? How can Social Networking benefit your organization? What trends in online giving are important for you to know? If you are looking for practical, strategic, and creative answers to these questions, then take our new online Virtual Seminar.
Ted Hart, one of the world’s preeminent online charity experts, will teach how you can ensure online success in the future through his class titled: Social Networking and Fundraising for Nonprofits: P2P Fundraising.
Every part of the nonprofit sector, whether it’s a health charity, a hospital, or a social change/advocacy organization, will...

Morgan Stanley Nonprofit Conference - October 2-3 in NYC
Once Every 5 Years This is Held - Ted Hart Featured This Year

Once every 5 years Morgan Stanley and the Lizzio Group bring together the best and brightest in the nonprofit and forprofit sectors. Strategic Initiatives for Nonprofits Organizations is a rare opportunity to learn from the very best.

October 2-3
Morgan Stanley Headquarters
1585 Broadway
41st Floor

Topics will range from Investing for Nonprofits, Asset Allication, Spending in an Uncertain World, Nonprofit Management techniques and much more.

Ted Hart will be featured at this once every 5 years conference is:

Ted Hart
People to People Fundraising

He will be speaking on Secrets to Fundraising Success In a Difficult Economy - Online and Offline.

More details, questions answered, obtain a brochure etc by calling 516-683-3219


Raising Big Dollars : Finding Your Best Prospects
Exclusive Offer from Target America Database Analysis

Wish you knew where to find wealthy donors who could benefit your nonprofit organization?  Well, look no further!  Target America has the resources to help you and is offering their services exclusively through this issue of P2P Fundraising.  Call or email today.
What you will get from this EXCLUSIVE P2P offer:
*$500 off your first Target America subscription
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*Access to wealthy donors throughout the country that could support your cause

How can  you get this offer?  It’s simple:
Call: 877.834.5188 (ext. 1)  or
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Whichever method you choose just be sure to mention the promo code: P2P2008


Life After Eudora: Options for Nonprofits
Pros and Cons of Email Options
by Claudia Myers

Today's lesson is an overview of the problem with Eudora and what options are available.

What's the Problem?

UC Davis did not renew its site license for Eudora this fiscal year because the price went up significantly. Given that there are other good email programs that are available cheaper or for free, UC Davis decided it could not justify the expense.

From a licensing standpoint we can continue to use the version of Eudora we have now and keep on using it forever, but the real problem is that a number of security vulnerabilities have been discovered in this version. The newest version, Eudora 6.2.1, fixes these vulnerabilities, but we cannot upgrade to it without renewing the license.
The reality is that in order to address these security vulnerabilities, everyone needs to either upgrade to the newer Eudora version or migrate to another email client.

So, What to Do?

Avatars Ready To Answer Your Nonprofit Questions Online
Teleport Yourself For Free Service to Foundations and Nonprofits

In keeping with their mission of improving communities by the application of knowledge, which unleashes the power of nonprofits, foundation, and individuals, the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership ( at Grand Valley State University ( is offering Avatar on Duty service (AvOD) to the Philanthropic community in Second Life

Various Avatars are now available available to answer specific questions related to effective philanthropy and nonprofit leadership.

The AvOD will be available to answer questions in regards to effective practices and research on specific topics related to philanthropy and nonprofit leadership.

Teleport yourself directly at and Avatars on Duty look forward to helping you.

Podcast: How Content Publishers Are Using Web 2.0
7 1/2 minutes with Sean Donahue, Senior Editor for the ContentBiz

Editor Notes: To play this Podcast look to the upper right corner of the page and click on the "play" icon. You DO NOT have to buy anything to listen. If you click on "learn more" its going to look like you have to buy something. Don't go there.

This Podcast provides some very good examples of for profit groups and how they are bringing Facebook applications into their strategy for building broader strategy. These ideas are very applicable to nonprofits and charities. This plays about 3:30 minutes.


Tad Clarke, MarketingSherpa Editorial Director, interviews Sean Donahue, Senior Editor for the ContentBiz newsletter, about current Web 2.0 usage. Sean shares some anecdotes from publishers about their experiences with Web 2.0: what it takes to set up and expand your Web 2.0 features and the advantages of using existing social networks to increase your base.

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