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Merger Paves Way for Next Generation ePhilanthropy
Successful Online Fundraising
Ted Hart Speaking at the Craigslist 2008 Nonprofit Bootcamp
Pros and cons of email options
The Spread of People to People Fundraising
Nonprofit 2.0 – Leveraging Technology and Social Capital
Youtube as advertising medium for charities
Former Googleers unveil Cuil, a new search engine
iBelong Networks
Merger Paves Way for Next Generation ePhilanthropy
Founders Sinton and Hart Issue Joint Statement

The Founding President and CEO of both NetworkforGood (Chris S. Sinton)  and the ePhilanthropy Foundation (Ted Hart) today issued a joint statement.


“The recently announced merger of NetworkforGood and the ePhilanthropy Foundation strengthens both organizations efforts to provide basic services needed by startup and “new to the web” charities. Further, this merger provides a notable turning point in the sector, paving the way for the next generation of ePhilanthropy by creating a powerful source for charities to learn how to best incorporate the internet into their fundraising efforts.”


With the basics covered, charities are better able to move to the next generation of ePhilanthropy by integrating social networking across their ePhilanthropy efforts. People to People Fundraising (, launched both online and in book form, builds on the NetworkforGood and ePhilanthropy Foundation basics to help charities harness the power of Social Networking.


Both NetworkforGood and the ePhilanthropy organizations were founded around the same time, and worked very closely for many years. Both organizations have helped tens of thousands of charities build their online capacity.

Chris S. Sinton and Ted Hart

Successful Online Fundraising
Class is in Session! Learn Online. Class Fee Now USD $77 You save: USD $42.00
by P2P Staff

What does the “new breed” of online giver want? How can Social Networking benefit your organization? What trends in online giving are important for you to know? If you are looking for practical, strategic, and creative answers to these questions, then take our new online Virtual Seminar.
Ted Hart, one of the world’s preeminent online charity experts, will teach how you can ensure online success in the future through his class titled: Social Networking and Fundraising for Nonprofits: P2P Fundraising.
Every part of the nonprofit sector, whether it’s a health charity, a hospital, or a social change/advocacy organization, will...

Ted Hart Speaking at the Craigslist 2008 Nonprofit Bootcamp
NYC: This weekend August 16

Editors Note: Author, Editor, and People to People Fundraising Founder, Ted Hart will be speaking at Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp on Saturday August 16 from 10:40 AM - 12 Noon.

On Saturday, August 16, 2008
Craigslist Foundation will produce its third annual New York Tri-State Area Nonprofit Boot Camp.  Its focus is simple— to educate, empower, and connect the next generation of nonprofit leaders and
social entrepreneurs.

In 2007, Boot Camp attracted a crowd of over 1,000 emerging and established leaders and supporters for a day of workshops, keynote addresses, one-on-one coaching, and professional development.  The program earned a 98% approval rating and making it one of the fastest growing and best received nonprofit gatherings in NY Tri-State history.

2008 participants will have the opportunity to choose between seven Educational Tracks:
  • Nonprofit Basics
  • Fundraising
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Big Ideas
  • Marketing
  • Lobbying & Advocacy
  • Board Governance
Nonprofit Boot Camp 2008
Held in partnership with The Heyman Center for Philanthropy & Fundraising and Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, Boot Camp 2008 will feature:
  • 1,000 emerging nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and key sector figures
  • More than 75 partner organizations, representing virtually every nonprofit management support organization in the NY Tri-State Area
  • A choice of over 20 seminars, panels and interactive workshops across 7 educational tracks, covering the essentials of starting and running a nonprofit or social enterprise
  • Keynote speeches from leading figures including Majora Carter, Executive Director, Sustainable South Bronx, (Past Boot Camps have featured Ami Dar of Action Without Borders, Ana L. Oliveira, The New York Women’s Foundation and craigslist’s Craig Newmark)
  • An Exhibit Hall featuring up to 50 organizations that support nonprofits and social entrepreneurs
  • One-on-One Nonprofit Consulting and Career Counseling sessions

 Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and partners, Nonprofit Boot Camp registration is just $75 per person.

More information and to register:

Pros and cons of email options
by Claudia Myers

Today's lesson is an overview of the problem with Eudora and what options are available.
What's the Problem?


UC Davis did not renew its site license for Eudora this fiscal year because the price went up significantly. Given that there are other good email programs that are available cheaper or for free, UC Davis decided it could not justify the expense.


From a licensing standpoint we can continue to use the version of Eudora we have now and keep on using it forever, but the real problem is that a number of security vulnerabilities have been discovered in this version. The newest version, Eudora 6.2.1, fixes these vulnerabilities, but we cannot upgrade to it without renewing the license.


The reality is that in order to address these security vulnerabilities, everyone needs to either upgrade to the newer Eudora version or migrate to another email client.

So, What to Do?

The Spread of People to People Fundraising
by Ret Boney

In 2004, nine-year old Austin Gutwein of Mesa, Ariz., raised almost $3,000 by shooting 2,057 free-throws, one for each child orphaned by HIV/AIDS during a typical school day. He used a fundraising page he set up himself, with technology from Firstgiving, and directed the proceeds to orphans in Africa by way of World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization operating in 100 countries.

The idea caught on, and this year the group, known as "Hoops of Hope," aims to recruit 10,000 people from across the U.S. to shoot free throws with the goal of raising $150,000 to build a medical facility in Zambia.  Hoops of Hope now is an independent nonprofit, with World Vision acting as its feet on the ground in Zambia.

That's the power, and potential, of viral fundraising, experts say.  Based on the passion and energy of one individual, an idea can catch on and spread like wildfire - with minimal help, or control, from nonprofits.

The tools are here

The tools to do it have arrived, and with the explosion of social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, so has the individual

Nonprofit 2.0 – Leveraging Technology and Social Capital
by by Vinay Bhagat, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Convio

I'm passionate about the impact that technology can have on nonprofits, and believe that smaller nonprofits in particular stand to gain significant efficiencies through its effective implementation. Technology can help them level the playing field with much larger organizations, many of whom can learn from their smaller peers.

Some of the most innovative nonprofits I've observed were founded in the last decade — a time when technology was frequently considered a lower cost alternative to hiring people. For these "youngsters," the Web was the de-facto place to begin their marketing efforts.

A common trait that unifies these innovative small nonprofits is that they have gained significant leverage through harnessing social capital, i.e. developing loyal supporters that help them recruit others and raise money for their cause. Embracing technology, many of these nonprofits have applied this social capital strategy to their online fundraising and outreach efforts. I think of these groups as Nonprofit 2.0 organizations — derived from the term Web 2.0 as defined by Wikipedia as "the trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and Web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users."

Youtube as advertising medium for charities
YouTube is a great way to advertise a charity or cause without paying a
penny. Videos are uploaded onto the site and can be viewed perpetually.
Youtube has just launched its new UK Non Profit Programme details and
examples can be found at  When a good video
is posted on YouTube, the word spreads. Facebook users can post YouTube
on their profiles and causes/events pages further expanding their
reach. Smart charities do not post video directly to their website, instead
they post to YouTube first and then using that site's online technology
bringing the video into their site. (examples can be found at and

Former Googleers unveil Cuil, a new search engine
by Eric Auchard

A start-up led by former star Google engineers on Sunday unveiled a new Web search service that aims to outdo the Internet search leader in size, but faces an uphill battle changing Web surfing habits.

Cuil Inc (pronounced "cool") is offering a new search service at that the company claims can index, faster and more cheaply, a far larger portion of the Web than Google, which boasts the largest online index.

The would-be Google rival says its service goes beyond prevailing search techniques that focus on Web links and audience traffic patterns and instead analyzes the context of each page and the concepts behind each user search request.

"Our significant breakthroughs in search technology have enabled us to index much more of the Internet, placing nearly the

iBelong Networks
Sponsor Message

iBelong Networks is a pioneer in the online community-building revolution.  Our Solutions and Services connect the casual browser to the loyal activist using a basic website as a starting point, and then encouraging interaction, collaboration and, yes, even complaining. That's what a website should be -- a bridge to an online global neighborhood -- and that’s what we do at iBN.  

For more information on how iBelong Networks can help create a truly engaging experience through developing your website that will bond your clients, constituents or members click the link

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