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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 P2P Vol 1 Issue 5: Nonprofits Critical, Web Analytics, IRS Phone Forum, Join Ted in AUS, NZ, NYC, Evaluate Success   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 5  
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Web Analytics: Don't Overrely on Tech
In USA: IRS Phone Forum June 9 and 10: Know the Rules
In Australia: Join Ted Hart in Melbourne and Sydney
In NYC: Summer Training Session Online Fundraising and Social Networking
In New Zealand: Variety International Conference
iBelong Networks
A Free Service to Help Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Success!
Nonprofit sector grows up
Web Analytics: Don't Overrely on Tech
by Jason Burby

Over the past few months, I've encountered more and more companies putting too much emphasis on technology to solve Web analytics problems. Don't get me wrong, technology is important in many aspects of the Web including analytics. But many people are struggling to realize: technology is not what keeps most companies from Web analytics success.

There are a number of great tools that will help you track visitors and get data on what they're doing and thinking. Yes, these tools must be set up and maintained correctly. At the same time, that's just the beginning. Some basics must be in place to put the data to work and change your business.

That's the power in Web analytics: taking the insight and acting on it. Too often people...

In USA: IRS Phone Forum June 9 and 10: Know the Rules
Rules for Tax-Exempt Organizations During An Election Year,,id=182850,...

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) invites tax professionals and representatives of tax-exempt organizations to participate in a Phone Forum on Rules for Tax-Exempt Organizations During An Election Year.  The Forum is scheduled for June 9, 2008, and will be repeated June 10.  It will discuss the distinctions between political activity, lobbying and general advocacy, and which activities are permissible. Registrants will have the opportunity to submit questions, in advance, to be answered during the sessions.

Both forums are being offered at no charge to participants, although space is limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Organizations with multiple representatives interested in participating are encouraged to register as a group, rather than as individuals. Details for registering...

In Australia: Join Ted Hart in Melbourne and Sydney

Online Fundraising (OFR) May 2008

Online Fundraising (OFR) training for you from the world’s foremost expert Xponential welcomes Ted Hart to our Australasian team Ted Hart ACFRE is considered one of the foremost experts in ePhilanthropy around the world, he is sought after internationally as an inspirational and practical speaker and consultant on topics related to nonprofit strategy both online and offline. He provides serious solutions to nonprofit challenges as they integrate their offline and online strategies. He is Founder of the international ePhilanthropy Foundation, an organization providing training to charities for the efficient use of the Internet for philanthropic purposes.

Xponential is providing three ways you can spend time with Ted during this Autumn tour –       27 -30 May in Melbourne and Sydney.




For those who need to be up to speed with OFR, need to know how online and offline fundraising integrates and need to know how OFR can add income to your programs.


Get it all in four hours

Melbourne - Tuesday 27 May Sydney - Thursday 29 May

Sessions from 1 – 5pm


Just need a couple of hours to brainstorm your program and your needs with an expert?


Reserve a personal two hour consultation session with Ted to work through your program and gain direction.  (Some pre-analysis work required and we regret these consultations are limited to four per city)


Do you need to know everything you could possibly learn in a full day?


Exclusive – apply to join the entire Xponential team for a full day intensive workshop as Ted trains and skills the Xponential consultants.  (limited to 6 qualified practitioners)


Go to and reserve your place for either or all of these skills development opportunities.

In NYC: Summer Training Session Online Fundraising and Social Networking
Register Today: July 23rd sponsored by Morgan Stanley
by P2P Staff

Summer Training Session:
Tools You Need, What Really Works!

Join us for this unique SUMMER learning opportunity with content from People Fundraising: Social Networking and Web 2.0 for Charities and its related educational website
-Learn from author and noted ePhilanthropy speaker Ted Hart will present highlights from this exciting new book.
-Learn about free tools and resources to help you succeed online
-Learn new skills and strategies utlizing the best of ...

... the Next Generation of ePhilanthropy!

Register at

- Lunch sponsored by Morgan Stanley - The Lizzio Group
- Every registration receives a copy of this great new book


In New Zealand: Variety International Conference
Huge Success! Unique Experience

11-14 May 2008 Ted Hart presented at the Variety International - The Children's Charity, 2008 Conference in Auckland New Zealand. Ted's presentation focused on People to People Fundraising and included live website review. This was the first ever presentation of this new book and concept in the South West Pacific area.

The wonderful video below shares the traditional New Zealand Mouri dancers who greeted the delegates, speakers and the Mayor of Auckland to this important conference.

Mr. Hart returns to Auckland 25 May 2008 to present at the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand South Pacific Conference. To join him register online at:

iBelong Networks
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iBelong Networks is a pioneer in the online community-building revolution.  Our Solutions and Services connect the casual browser to the loyal activist using a basic website as a starting point, and then encouraging interaction, collaboration and, yes, even complaining. That's what a website should be -- a bridge to an online global neighborhood -- and that’s what we do at iBN.  

For more information on how iBelong Networks can help create a truly engaging experience through developing your website that will bond your clients, constituents or members click the link

A Free Service to Help Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Success!
by Innovation Network

Measure results. Make informed decisions. Create lasting change.
Innovation Network's mission is to improve nonprofit results by building evaluation capacity. Working with nonprofit organizations and funders through evaluation consulting, training, web-based tools, and outreach, we seek to increase evaluation and planning knowledge and skills for the entire nonprofit and philanthropic field, and to build the ability of individual nonprofits to meet their missions.

What difference are we making? Nonprofits and funders working for social change all ask themselves this question. Organizations that know the answer have the power to make informed decisions and create lasting change in the communities they serve.  Innovation Network, a national 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to helping other nonprofits answer the question for themselves.  By visiting their website, you will see that Innovation Network provides program planning and evaluation consulting, training, and Web-based tools to nonprofits and funders across geographic and programmatic boundaries. They want to make evaluation accessible to all nonprofits, so they have the knowledge and skills to:

Nonprofit sector grows up
by Philanthropy Journal Staff

U.S. nonprofits are a critical part of the U.S. economy, employing almost 13 million people, paying nearly $490 billion in wages, and making up 5 percent of gross national product, a new report says.

Over the past 10 years, the sector has expanded in almost every dimension, says the 2008 Nonprofit Almanac, published by the Urban Institute Press.  The report, with over 200 pages of statistics and analysis, details the size and scope of the nonprofit sector and compares trends among nonprofits to other sectors of the U.S. economy in the areas of wages and employment, giving and volunteering and finances.

The number of nonprofits in the U.S. grew to 1.4 million in 2006, up from 1.1 million in 1998, and the sector as a whole contributed

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