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Wednesday, May 7, 2008 P2P Vol 1 Issue 4: Finding Money, Google Grants, Virtual Online, 9/11 Fund, Social Media NOZA Database   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 4  
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Thank You London!
The Millionaire In Your Database
Do You Have Your Google Grant Yet?
Can Virtual (Online) Connections Create Actual Global Change?
Class is in Session! Learn Online.
9/11 Survivors' Fund Closes in D.C.
Double Your Video Exposure With Social Media
NOZA Launches Free Access to IRS 990-PF Database (Private Foundations)
Join a Live Audio Conference: Building a Powerful Board That Will Raise Funds
Thank You London!
Great Launch Event for P2P Book in UK
by P2P Staff

A special thank you to Steve Bridger, Adrian Cutcliffe and my co-presenter in London, Martin Jervis, along with event sponsor Blackbaud.

We had an enthusiastic group at the Social Networking for Charities: People to People Fundraising training at the beautiful United Nations: ICO Conference Center. 

The Millionaire In Your Database
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Do You Have Your Google Grant Yet?
Program Turns Five, Apply Today
by Cynthia, Google Grants Team

This week we're celebrating the fifth birthday of Google Grants—the company's inaugural philanthropic program—and we thought we'd share with you the story of its early days.

In early 2002, Google's self-service advertising platform AdWords relaunched with a new cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model. This model made search advertising as cost-effective for small businesses as for large ones.

As AdWords took off, our co-founders Larry and Sergey, and other Google executives, wanted to extend the power of search advertising to non-profit organizations by giving them free ads on They thought that, through AdWords, non-profits too could reach a wider audience and connect with the people who

Can Virtual (Online) Connections Create Actual Global Change?
Global Non-Profit Seeks to Link Social Networking and Social Enterprise
by The International Humanitarian Foundation, Inc.

The International Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. (IHF) is using the power of Facebook and Myspace to reach one thousand people interested in its work. Facebook alone has over 70 million active users and is among the six most trafficked sites on the web. The average age of these users is 23 years. The IHF $10x1000 campaign is seeking one thousand people with online connections to the young volunteers who make up the IHF to donate $10 each. The proceeds will expand IHF's reach in the developing world and support the next-generation of social entrepreneurs.

"Social networking has the power to effect change in our world. We can reach the people we know will be interested in our work in a viral manner," IHF President Amish Parashar.

"We want to tap the energy of a young population with deep beliefs about social justice. Social networking can be

Class is in Session! Learn Online.
Successful Online Fundraising
by P2P Staff

What does the “new breed” of online giver want? How can Social Networking benefit your organization? What trends in online giving are important for you to know?
If you are looking for practical, strategic, and creative answers to these questions, then mark your calendar for June 17th!
Register for the live, virtual seminar provided by Charity Channel ( ). Ted Hart, one of the world’s preeminent online charity experts, will teach how you can ensure online success in the future through his class titled: Social Networking and Fundraising for Nonprofits: P2P Fundraising.
Every part of the nonprofit sector, whether it’s a health charity, a hospital, or a social change/advocacy organization, will
9/11 Survivors' Fund Closes in D.C.;j...
by Philip Rucker

The largest charity established to help Washington-area victims and their families is closing, becoming the last major 9/11-related charity to shut down, the Washington Post reports.

The closing of the
Survivors' Fund brings an unofficial end to the nation's philanthropic response to the 2001 terrorist attacks, in which millions of people and businesses donated $2.7 billion to hundreds of charities. The Survivors' Fund raised $25 million from more than twelve thousand area residents and businesses, which was used to help the grieving, the distressed, and the traumatized in a way that is being hailed as a model of charitable giving.

Based in part on the model implemented after the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, the charity hired professional case managers to work with families one-on-one, paid household bills for families who fell behind, and guided survivors to medical care and mental health counseling. If a family's primary breadwinner had been lost, it helped other

Double Your Video Exposure With Social Media
UNICEF did it and now so can YOU!
by MarketingSherpa (a case study)

With limited marketing budgets, nonprofits are always struggling and looking for ways to stretch those dollars to boost their exposure and bring in more donations.

See how UNICEF doubled the exposure for its video content using MySpace and other social media outlets, which cost nothing. Plenty of tips, steps and strategy for anyone to try yourself.
Nonprofit marketers typically have limited resources to spread their messages. So they work hard to find ways to boost ROI, generate buzz and gain supporters without creating additional costs.

Stephen Cassidy, Chief of the Internet, Broadcast and Image Section, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), started using MySpace and other social media websites to spread his 2- to 3-minute videos about 18 months ago. At first, Cassidy posted his videos only to UNICEF’s homepage, but he wanted to get more mileage out of them.

“There’s a limit to how many people you can attract to any given website. And, yet, if you have

NOZA Launches Free Access to IRS 990-PF Database (Private Foundations)

Each 990-PF tax return includes key information for each foundation, including the total value of all assets, the investments held by the foundation, as well as complete listings of gifts, contributions and grants paid to nonprofits during the tax year, and grants that have been approved for future payment.

Internet search company NOZA, Inc. (, provider of the world’s largest database of charitable gifts, announced a new free service for nonprofit fundraisers and prospect researchers: the NOZA 990-PF Database beta release. This launch marks NOZA’s introduction of

Join a Live Audio Conference: Building a Powerful Board That Will Raise Funds
by Progressive Business Audio Conferences

PB Audio Conference with Ted Hart "Building a Powerful Board That Will Raise Funds"
DATE: Wednesday, June 4, 2008
TIME:  1 pm - 2 pm (Eastern)
TO REGISTER CLICK: PB Audio Conference

How do the best nonprofit organizations select and motivate their board to raise more money?  Register to join Progressive Business as they host a 60-minute audio conference where you and your colleagues will discover:

        * Proven strategies to recruit effective board members (and volunteers)
        * 5 Important Tips for Powerful Board Management
        * Effective training strategies to enable the Board to Make the Ask
        * How to ignite the Board's passion for the cause and increase fundraising

This session will be taught by Ted Hart,  who is considered the foremost expert in ePhilanthropy around the world, and is sought after internationally as an inspirational and practical speaker on topics related to nonprofit strategy.

P2P Fundraising Book
by P2P Staff

Publisher John Wiley & Sons announced that  People to People Fundraising is already in it's second printing.  With the huge success that this book has already seen, you won't want to miss the chance of owning you're own copy.  The P2P Fundraising book will offer you creative tips and ideas on how to successfully integrate your fundraising strategies online and offline. 

-->If you are interested in being a part of this next generation of ePhilanthropy click on the link to order
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