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Merger Paves Way for Next Generation ePhilanthropy
Founders Sinton and Hart Issue Joint Statement

The Founding President and CEO of both NetworkforGood (Chris S. Sinton)  and the ePhilanthropy Foundation (Ted Hart) today issued a joint statement.


“The recently announced merger of NetworkforGood and the ePhilanthropy Foundation strengthens both organizations efforts to provide basic services needed by startup and “new to the web” charities. Further, this merger provides a notable turning point in the sector, paving the way for the next generation of ePhilanthropy by creating a powerful source for charities to learn how to best incorporate the internet into their fundraising efforts.”


With the basics covered, charities are better able to move to the next generation of ePhilanthropy by integrating social networking across their ePhilanthropy efforts. People to People Fundraising (, launched both online and in book form, builds on the NetworkforGood and ePhilanthropy Foundation basics to help charities harness the power of Social Networking.


Both NetworkforGood and the ePhilanthropy organizations were founded around the same time, and worked very closely for many years. Both organizations have helped tens of thousands of charities build their online capacity.

Chris S. Sinton and Ted Hart


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