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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 P2P Vol 1 Issue 5: Nonprofits Critical, Web Analytics, IRS Phone Forum, Join Ted in AUS, NZ, NYC, Evaluate Success   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 5  
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Web Analytics: Don't Overrely on Tech
In USA: IRS Phone Forum June 9 and 10: Know the Rules
In Australia: Join Ted Hart in Melbourne and Sydney
In NYC: Summer Training Session Online Fundraising and Social Networking
In New Zealand: Variety International Conference
iBelong Networks
A Free Service to Help Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Success!
Nonprofit sector grows up
A Free Service to Help Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Success!
by Innovation Network

Measure results. Make informed decisions. Create lasting change.
Innovation Network's mission is to improve nonprofit results by building evaluation capacity. Working with nonprofit organizations and funders through evaluation consulting, training, web-based tools, and outreach, we seek to increase evaluation and planning knowledge and skills for the entire nonprofit and philanthropic field, and to build the ability of individual nonprofits to meet their missions.

What difference are we making? Nonprofits and funders working for social change all ask themselves this question. Organizations that know the answer have the power to make informed decisions and create lasting change in the communities they serve.  Innovation Network, a national 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to helping other nonprofits answer the question for themselves.  By visiting their website, you will see that Innovation Network provides program planning and evaluation consulting, training, and Web-based tools to nonprofits and funders across geographic and programmatic boundaries. They want to make evaluation accessible to all nonprofits, so they have the knowledge and skills to:
  • Manage their internal matters, programs, and services effectively;
  • Gain a stronger understanding of what is happening in their programs, and how those programs are affecting people and communities; and
  • Collectively raise a strong voice in funding and policy decisions.
To learn more about Innovation Network’s free services check out the Point K program:  Practical Tools for Planning, Evaluation, and Action.  The Point K Learning Center's free tools and resources help nonprofits and funders look inward, so they can achieve a greater outward impact.
  • Learn. Looking to boost your skills and knowledge? Point K helps organizations develop knowledge: knowledge about evaluation, and knowledge about the results of their own programs.
  • Collaborate. Connect with your peers. Work together with colleagues. Report evaluation findings to stakeholders. Point K makes it easy for you to share your success.
  • Do more. Point K provides tools and resources to help you plan and evaluate your efforts, learn what works, improve your effectiveness, and better serve your communities.


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