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Monday, October 27, 2008 P2P Vol 1 Issue 11: Email in Down Economy, Sutton and Hart, Chicago, IT Survey, Online Learning, Employers Use Social Net   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 11  
Social Networking
Sponsor Message
Sutton and Hart Join Forces to Support Nonprofits
Employers Use Social Networking To Research Candidates
Wachovia and Nonprofit Times Sponsor National Training Series
What Really Works Online?
Making IT Staffing Decisions? New Survey To Help Us All Plan
Email's Resurgence During Economic Downtown
iBelong Networks
Sutton and Hart Join Forces to Support Nonprofits
New Team Available To Help Charities Build Online Strategy

This new team builds upon some of the most seasoned experience available in online fundraising, traditional fundraising and social networking for charities in the United States and around the world.

Mark Sutton is a recognized expert in online fundraising and Ted Hart is seen around the world as one of the foremost experts in charitable uses of the Internet.

This team can help you solidify your ideas into a well developed tactical fundraising and community building strategy. With a focus on maximizing your return on investment, they will perform the necessary discovery to determine the most efficient path to fundraising success.

Extensive market knowledge
and experience allows them to move faster developing targeted plans and recommendations for making your online ventures a success!

For more information on how this world-class team can help you build a successful online campaign please contact us

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Welcome to P2PFundraising
March 17, 2008
Vol. 1 Issue 1
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