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Wednesday, June 4, 2008 P2P Vol 1 Issue 6: Success Online, Control E-Mail, Summer Learning, Firefox, Safari, Blackbaud, Kintera, Web 2.0   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 6  
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Live: Summer Online Fundraising Institute in NYC
Successful Online Fundraising
Australia Charities This is For You
Consumers Want Control Over E-mail Preferences
The Millionaire In Your Database
You Need More Money? Looking For Grants Outside USA?
New Zealand Charities This is For You: Thank You To Our Kiwi Friends
Blackbaud announces acquisition of Kintera
Strong, Ongoing Demand for Email in Direct Marketing, Mobile and Web 2.0 Applications
Firefox and Safari Beat Out The Competition
Web 2.0 "critical" to church, says Anglican CIO
Consumers Want Control Over E-mail Preferences
by Enid Burns, The ClickZ Network

E-mail is the communication channel of choice, finds a study conducted by Ipsos for online reputation management service Habeas. Sixty-seven percent of the survey respondents say they prefer e-mail as a communications channel over other online methods.

The inbox is expected to retain its preferred status, according to the study. Sixty-five percent of respondents said they expect e-mail to remain the prominent form of online communication for at least ...

Blackbaud announces acquisition of Kintera

Ted Hart Note: This consolidation in the nonprofit online fundraising and service sector is a positive move for both Kintera and Blackbaud. I urge both companies to seek ways to streamline operations and bring to market more robust solutions for both large and small charities. If this merger results in even stronger integration tools for both online and off line services, the net to the charitable sector will be a positive one. I remain hopeful that stronger service to charities will be the outcome.

Blackbaud, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLKB), a provider of software and related services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, announced that it is acquiring Kintera, Inc. (NASDAQ: KNTA), a provider of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to the nonprofit and government sectors. Under the terms of the agreement, Blackbaud will pay an all-cash purchase price of approximately $46.0 million. Blackbaud expects to finance the deal with cash and..

Strong, Ongoing Demand for Email in Direct Marketing, Mobile and Web 2.0 Applications

Habeas, Inc., today released its 2008 study of consumer attitudes towards email and online interaction with businesses. The study, completed in May 2008 by research firm Ipsos, found that consumers prefer email as a primary method of communications in their personal and business capacities; they will continue to prefer email in the future despite the rise of online threats and the emergence of other communication channels and Web 2.0 applications. The report also revealed an interest from consumers in gaining more control over their online interactions with businesses and an increasing level of concern over spam and virus threats reaching consumers through their mobile devices.

"Regardless of their concerns over email and online threats, consumers are becoming even more dependent on email for their relationships with each other, via social networks and Web 2.0 applications, and those with whom they do business," said Des Cahill, CEO, Habeas, Inc. "This Ipsos study illustrates the relevance and longevity email has within the online ecosystem - today and in the coming years - and touches on the role consumers want mobile devices to play."

This year's research covered subjects as varied as ...

Firefox and Safari Beat Out The Competition
Learn Why Its Time For You To Switch
by Kai Schmerer, ZDNet Germany

Web 2.0, with its complex sites and rich Ajax applications, is an increasingly demanding platform for a browser. In this review feature, we look at how the leading browsers measure up.

When Tim Berners-Lee presented his employer CERN with the first browser, World Wide Web, to facilitate information flow between the different departments in the European nuclear research centre in Geneva, he little suspected that it would cause a revolution in the information age. Today, the browser is probably the most widely used computer application.

Web 2.0 applications and sites place the focus firmly on browser performance. Anyone who still believes that the speed of your DSL connection is the only potential bottleneck is gravely mistaken. Key parts of Ajax applications run ... 

Web 2.0 "critical" to church, says Anglican CIO
by Suzanne Tindal,

Web 2.0 is critical to the Anglican church if it is to keep up with today's youth, according to the Sydney diocese's CIO.

"The church is investing heavily in Web 2.0 technologies," CIO George Lymbers told IDC's Directions 08 event in Sydney...

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