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Monday, April 7, 2008 P2P Vol 1 Issue 2: Save 411 Fees, WiFi on Planes, Social Networks, What Donors Want, Study Says, Toronto and London Events, Virtual Seminars   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2  
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Stop Paying High 411 Service Fees
Canadian P2P Fundraising Book Launch Party
iBelong Networks
Find the Right Social Network For Your Brand
P2P Fundraising Training in London
Online Donors Seen Wanting Ease, Emotional Link
FAA clears in-flight WiFi
Virtual Seminars: Grant Writing, Board Development
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iBelong Networks
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iBelong Networks is a pioneer in the online community-building revolution.  Our Solutions and Services connect the casual browser to the loyal activist using a basic website as a starting point, and then encouraging interaction, collaboration and, yes, even complaining. That's what a website should be -- a bridge to an online global neighborhood -- and that’s what we do at iBN.  

For more information on how iBelong Networks can help create a truly engaging experience through developing your website that will bond your clients, constituents or members click the link

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Karma411 is a rapidly growing cause-related social collaboration site that enables philanthropic people to easily connect with the causes and campaigns they care about most. By harnessing the viral nature of social networks, Karma411 allows users to quickly and easily create campaigns for the 501(c)(3) organizations of their choice and invite their friends and family to participate. The time has come for a social network that focuses on something more important - the good Karma that comes from supporting causes that truly matter to you.

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March 17, 2008
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