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March 2011
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Details: MINI Motoring Protection
Stuff happens. Here’s how to not lose sleep over it.

One thing about all MINI models that is definitely not mini is the standard warranty coverage. The four-year/50,000-mile (whichever comes first) bumper-to-bumper coverage is what you’d expect with a $50,000 luxury car, and the MINI’s complimentary maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles keeps more money in your wallet. Sometimes, however, as you’re enjoying the curves in the road with your MINI, you get hit with a curveball. That misused metaphor sets the stage to tell you about MINI Motoring Protection.
A MINI is a thing of engineering beauty, solidly built and with a reputation for reliability. Lots of “stuff” can happen, though, in spite of our best intentions. Some of that “stuff” includes potholes that bang up your aluminum wheels or flatten your tires; dings and dents that happen when you’re parked for just a few minutes and come back to an unpleasant surprise; mechanical maladies that occur because, well, machines aren’t perfect – if they were, they might turn against us and rule the world.
You get the point. While you can’t control the dastardly deeds that might befall your MINI, you can control what happens after they befall. MINI Motoring Protection gives you that control with a series of products that extend and supplement the generous, standard warranty protection. Add one or all for peace of mind.
MINI owners get so attached to their cars that many name them. Do you think Ferrari owners name their cars? With that kind of love, realistic visions of driving hundreds of thousands of miles are not uncommon. Helping to keep that vision clear and smooth is where MINI Extended comes in. Available in two tiers and four coverage length/mileage options, MINI Extended essentially extends the coverage of the standard warranty.
The “XL” level covers the major components on your vehicle and offers protection against many mechanical breakdowns. You get coverage for the engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes, electrical, heating and air conditioning and more. In the engine, everything from your dipstick assembly to the vibration damper is covered. Did you know your MINI’s engine had a vibration damper? See your dealer for a complete list of covered parts, and then put aside about a half hour to read them all.
The “XXL” plan adds coverage for the radio, CD player/changer, entertainment system, navigation system and any components of those systems.
This peace-of-mind protection begins when your MINI’s New Passenger Car Limited Warranty expires. You can buy it anytime during the original warranty period. Let’s say that when you buy your MINI, you’re not sure you’re going to keep it for more than a few years. But then, you fall in love with driving your MINI and can’t imagine spending the rest of your days without it. Before the car’s original limited warranty coverage expires, add a MINI Extended Plan, and you’re all set.
Next, choose the length of time and miles that suit your driving needs: Five years/100,000 miles; six years/100,000 miles; seven years/70,000 miles or seven years/100,000 miles.
Should you need to use the MINI Extended coverage, all covered repairs will be made at an authorized MINI repair facility by factory-trained technicians who use only original MINI parts. This is not a third-party contract; it’s fully backed by MINI USA. And you know that 24-hour Roadside Assistance that comes with your MINI for the original warranty period? You get that with a MINI Extended Plan, too. For any repair, you pay just a $50 deductible and then close your wallet.
Your authorized MINI dealer can also show you the Blemish Buster Protection Packages that cover minor body dings and dents and wheel and tire damage. And here’s a real honey – “Gap Protection.” Briefly, suppose your MINI gets clobbered by some numbskull who’s texting while driving, and then the insurance company declares your poor MINI a “total” and pays you what it says the car is worth, minus your deductible. If that amount is less than what you still owe on a finance contract, you have to make up the difference. With Gap Protection, you avoid rubbing salt into the wound of losing your car because it fills that financial gap.
About the only way that MINI could offer better protection for your car would be to put some kind of force field around it. Who knows, maybe that’s next. In the meantime, talk to your MINI dealer about giving your MINI Motoring Protection.


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