If Car Dealerships Served Hamburgers
March 2017

Olathe Ford Body Shop

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If Car Dealerships Served Hamburgers
Tired of Surveys?

If Car Dealerships Served Hamburgers

These days, it seems you canít even order a burger and fries without having your opinions solicited! Your fast food receipt will have a phone number or website to visit, and they promise you a free burger if you respond. If your experience was poor, why would you even want a free burger? I guess this ensures that only customers who were happy with their experience will respond.

Every business wants you to complete a survey to describe your experience with them. Competition is fierce and consumers have all the power. This is the way it should be. It makes all of us work harder to provide an outstanding experience for our customers.  

Ford Motor Company and The Lincoln Motor Company are also interested in hearing about your service experience at your dealership. I canít promise you a free burger, but I can promise you that your responses will be heard. I can also promise you that we will contact you if your response indicates the need for improvement on our part.  

Each month, the service department at Olathe Ford Lincoln serves nearly 3,500 customers. About 500 of these customers receive surveys from the manufacturer asking how we did and historically only about 20% will respond. The vast majority of those returned reflect a positive experience. We consider the rare instances where we receive a negative response to be extremely valuable tools which help us to improve. However, your positive responses are just as valuable. They help us to validate that we are moving in the right direction, which is to provide you with an exceptional service visit every time!

Our philosophy begins and ends with ensuring you this exceptional service, so providing feedback by returning your survey is critical to helping us to steer down the path you want us on.


Our expectation is perfection, but excellence will be tolerated.



Martin Munson
Service Manager
Olathe Ford Lincoln

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