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This month get your hands on something new… I would like to introduce you to our latest addition to the Frankincense Intense™ range.

March is a time to celebrate women around the world. Today is International Women’s Day - read the stories behind some of our ingredients.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day on March 31 - spoil the women in your life with our best-selling Geranium & Orange Gift Collection or save £10 / €11.55 on our Unwind & Rebalance collection, the perfect prep for spring!


NEW Niko Travel & Car Diffuser; the ultimate solution for people who lead busy lifestyles


Lightweight and compact, the Niko Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is easily portable and fits into most luggage. Enjoy your favourite essential oils on the go from home to car, and office to hotel room. The Niko comes with a standard electrical plug for home and a handy car adaptor, slip the Niko neatly into your cup holder and arrive at your destination ready for anything.


Simply add tap water and a few drops of your essential oil to create a feeling of serenity quickly and easily with a cool scented mist. When you’re driving long distances or working for hours on end, adding our Focus Aromatherapy Blend to the Niko can help revive and restore. When it’s hard to sleep away from home, add our Night Time Aromatherapy Blend and the Niko can soothe and help ease into slumber.

The Niko cleans the air and helps remove stiffness from the office, hotel rooms or vehicles. It also acts as a humidifier, refreshing and bringing moisture back into the air – which can be a welcoming treat for skin that has become tired and dehydrated by air conditioning and indoor heating systems.

The Niko is a vital accessory for the stresses and strains of modern living. Easy to clean, the Niko also features a safety shut off feature. Combined with your favourite essential oil, this little gem can rejuvenate and soothe wherever you are.

To view our full range of essential oils and order your new Niko diffuser please visit my website.


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