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Product Testimonials

The Norwex mission is to improve
quality of life by radically reducing
the use of chemicals in personal
care and cleaning.

Product Testimonials
Naturally Timeless:
My skin has really never felt and looked better since using the Naturally Timeless line. I had noticed a real difference and decrease in the fine lines on my forehead after only a few weeks of using the products. One of my bosses (from my other job), saw me one day after not seeing me for a few months...I had been using the product for about a month. She told me my skin looked fabulous and I looked like I was just glowing! I for sure thought my colleagues had told her about my Norwex line and she was joking with me. So, I called her on it. She had no clue I had used the product or sold it! She bought the entire line that day- no questions of price or anything!!
Shelley Heuchert, Canada 
I LOVE the Naturally Timeless line. It feels great on my skin and within three weeks I saw the crows feet by my eyes disappear!

Kelly Burrows, Canada
My husband is the one that pointed out that my "grumpy lines" on my forehead are now missing. They used to give away my mood. Now I get to leave him guessing!!
Shannon Clements, Canada


I love the fact that it's not too rich for oilier skin. I don't seem to break out as often and if I do it heals up very quickly. Overall, my skin just seems healthier. 
Melanie Stuve, Canada


My husband stole mine! 
Tracey Morey, Canada

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