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The Norwex mission is to improve
quality of life by radically reducing
the use of chemicals in personal
care and cleaning.

Customer Monthly

When we think of May we think of Mom, and Norwex has created Customer Specials so you can to show her how much she means to you. The Naturally Timeless Pack and the Mini Pamper Pack have her covered from head to toe. If all she needs is some help around the house, then take advantage of the “Mop with Me” or “Antibac Essentials” specials.


Mop with Me (cu1MAY) Regular     Sale   
 $93.97  $81.99  
1 Dry Mop, small 
1 Wet Mop, small (antibac) 
1 Kids Mop Base
1 Kids Mop Handle
2 Kids Back Packs 

Naturally Timeless Pack (cu2MAY)    
 $199.96  $179.99  
1 Naturally Timeless Day Cream
1 Naturally Timeless Anti-Gravity Night Cream
1 Naturally Timeless Face Serum
1 Body Pack, natural (antibac)


Mini Pamper Pack (cu3MAY)    
 $59.97  $53.99  
1 Timeless Foot Lotion
1 Spa Socks, green 
1 Body Glove, pink


Antibac Essentials (cu4MAY)    
 $92.95  $82.99  
1 Enviro Cloth, green (antibac) 
2 Enviro Cloths, yellow (antibac)
1 Large Enviro Cloth, blue (antibac)
1 Window Cloth, purple (antibac) 
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