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Updated   Since 2001 our customers have realized cost savings of more than $151 million and more than $936 million in increased and retained sales....
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Articles from the Industry

Despite Recession, Corporate America is Investing in Sustainability Practices
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New Orders In Midwest Region Increase At Highest Rate In Two Years
Read article by Agence France-Presse

That Bottle Used To Be A Plant
Read article by Adrienne Selko

Manufacturing Should See Upward Trend in 2010, 2011 Says Industry Group
Read article by IW Staff


Small Business Slashes Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 65% In Just Two Years
Read article by Exhibitor Staff

Ask Mr. Green
Read article by Exhibitor Staff


What Are The Top 10 E-mail Marketing Mistakes?
Read article by Curtis Jackson

Secrets & Lies: Behaviorial E-mail Targeting
Read article by Karen J. Bannan


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In Our Next Issue:

Eco-Industrial Parks: A Sustainable Solution to High Energy Costs, Municipal Solid Waste and Possibly the Future of Manufacturing

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention: The Business of Recycling
Today’s green and sustainable movement has deep roots...the rag merchants, the junkies, entrepreneurs from days gone by.  Today’s entrepreneurs in “junk” hold the future of the environment.  Everyone, from school kids collecting candy wrappers and soda can tabs, to big business is contributing to this growing enterprise.

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What Looms In The Darkness Does Not Always Foreshadow Failure
Taking Action Can Change The Outcome

So often, when managing a small business, we are so busy “working” we don’t see trouble looming in the shadows.  Day to day responsibilities can block the big picture of a company’s financial health. We asked Neil Goldstein of Management Services Consultants, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in crisis management for troubled companies to provide us with a few key indicators that a company is in trouble.

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Things To Look For In 2010
NJMEP Offers New Programs

NJMEP will be offering a number of new workshops in 2010.  Whether you are looking for export assistance, information on immigration regulation, energy related issues or NJ Financial Assistance Programs: DOL, EDA, NJMEP can assist.

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NJMEP Success Stories
Ranger Industries Crafts a Plan to Continue Manufacturing in the USA  
Tissue Bank Implements Lean Manufacturing Practices to Remain Competitive


Made In New Jersey
NJMEP welcomes thirty-nine manufacturers to our Made in New Jersey webpage.  Whether you are looking for eco friendly upholstery fabrics and wall coverings or fiber optics engineering services you can find it in New Jersey.  Our listing of New Jersey manufacturers may be the answer to your supplier needs.  We look forward to introducing these companies to our readers in 2010.


Client News - Clients Provide Insight Into NJDOL Customized Workforce Training Grants
NJMEP clients, Anadigics and Marcal, participated in the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development event, “Training Grants—Financial Resources for NJ Employers.”  

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NJMEP Quick Polls Results
From Health Insurance Survey: Having access to affordable quality healthcare is important to everyone.

1. Does your company provide health insurance?
Yes - 28 Votes (93.33%)
No - 2 Votes (6.67%)

2. Do employees contribute to the cost?
Yes - 28 Votes (93.33%)
No - 2 Votes (6.67%)

3. If yes, what % of the actual cost?
Less than 20% - 13 Votes (43.33%)
Between 20 to 30% - 9 Votes (30.00%)
More than 30% - 4 Votes (13.33%)
Do not know - 4 Votes (13.33%)



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NJMEP Quick Poll
Is the use of personal e-mail accounts and accessing the Internet permissible at your company?
1. Employees have complete freedom to check their personal email and access the web.
2. Company computers are set-up to block access to the Internet.
3. Most employees are blocked from email and Internet use. Employees that have been identified as needing Internet access to perform their jobs are provided access.
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