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 Manufacturing Matters

Thursday, May 22, 2008 Issue 5, May 2008   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 5  
Updated   Since 2001 our customers have realized cost savings of more than $95 million and more than $537 million in increased and retained sales….
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Staying Afloat in a Floundering Economy
by Bob Loderstedt, President & CEO of NJMEP

Almost every day we hear about another economic woe…high fuel and food prices, more job losses, trouble in the housing sector, and unstable financial institutions.  These current issues are presenting themselves against a backdrop of a decline in manufacturing that has been going on for years.   It’s hard to be optimistic about our economic future.  But, as always, difficult times present both challenges and opportunities for manufacturers.
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Staffing Sense
by Frank Wyckoff

Solid Ground Anyone?

Regardless of your politics, most of us agree that it’s a time of economic uncertainty. Like walking across the lake, just at the start of winter when you’re a kid and you get to that “weak” spot…and your stride shrinks and you step gingerly, hoping you don’t fall through. Those of us managing businesses today are stepping a little gingerly. One area we look at is the cost of our workforce.
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River Rouge Redux
Organizing in Product Work Cells
by Gerry Najarian

“You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.”  That was the aphorism about the Ford Motor Company in its early years of making the Ford Model A cars.......They didn’t call it cellular organization back then; they called it mass production but the principles were similar - lot size of one, synchronized flow, subassembly feeder lines, etc.  Somehow we lost our synchronized flow bearings along the way in favor of batch production but have now rediscovered them in the lean concept of product work cells.
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Are You Married to the Wrong Contract Manufacturer?
by Bijan Dastmalchi

Like marriage, selecting the right contract manufacturing partner can make the difference between contentment or disappointment with the business relationship.
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Throughout the year, NJMEP hosts events that provide valuable information to New Jersey's manufacturers.  In the next few months we are delivering three different types of Lean workshops.  In addition, we are presenting three business seminars where you can explore new business concepts and dine with NJMEP.
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ur  Field Agents can work with you and your organization to identify opportunities to improve business or help you develop an opportunity that you have already identified. There are 75 other Manufacturing Extension Programs (MEP's) with locations in every state and Puerto Rico. NJMEP can draw on this national pool of expertise to solve problems here in New Jersey or at your facilities nationwide.  
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