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 Manufacturing Matters

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 Issue 4, April 2008   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 4  
Since 2001 our customers have realized cost savings of more than $85 million and more than $464 million in increased and retained sales….
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Articles from Industry Week

Video: "Competitiveness of the Manufacturing and Service Sector in the 21st Century Economy"
Watch this 35 minute video of William G. Sutton, Assistant Secretary  of Manufacturing and Services

Derailed from the Lean Track
Read article by Jonathan Katz


Innovation is No Longer a Choice -- It is about Death or Glory
Read article by Blake Glenn


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An Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse – Research and Development Tax Credits
by Gerry Najarian, NJMEP

Gerry Najarian

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”  These words from the movie, The Godfather, are perhaps the most quoted movie line after “play it again Sam” in Casablanca.  Well, our government, the federal one that is, has made you an offer you shouldn’t refuse.

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Customer Rewards
by Joan S. Adams, Pierian Consulting

Joan S. Adams

There are all sorts of different customer reward / loyalty programs.  Many are no cost or low cost ways to reward loyalty and others are give away nightmares that cost lots of money and don’t engender any kind of loyalty.

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What do a supply chain integrator, a manufacturer of hands-free garden hose reels, and a global satellite network operator have in common?
All three are on Entrepreneur Magazine's 2008 Hot 100 list of fastest-growing businesses in America and they are all in New Jersey.
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What You Must Control in Manufacturing Outsourcing
by Bijan Dastmalchi

Hope is not a strategy. Yet when it comes to their most important supply relationship, many OEMs seem to adopt this approach.
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NJMEP Events
Throughout the year, NJMEP hosts events that provide valuable information to New Jersey's manufacturers.  In the next few months we are presenting three different types of Lean workshops.  

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New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. (NJMEP) is a not-for-profit organization charged with assisting New Jersey's small- and medium-sized manufacturers to become more productive, profitable, and globally competitive. O
ur  Field Agents can work with you and your organization to identify opportunities to improve business or help you develop an opportunity that you have already identified. There are 75 other Manufacturing Extension Programs (MEP's) with locations in every state and Puerto Rico. NJMEP can draw on this national pool of expertise to solve problems here in New Jersey or at your facilities nationwide.  
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