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Profile: R nineT Scrambler
BMW’s customizable R nineT Scrambler makes a mighty impression

When the open road beckons, it’s only right that you respond by sitting astride a bike capable of answering that call in earnest. The BMW R nineT Scrambler is the perfect companion for long rides alone through the countryside and trips up the coastline with your partner’s arms wrapped around your waist. Stunning to look at even when stationary, the stylish and customizable R nineT Scrambler represents everything that’s right about the freedom of the open road.

Thrilling performance

At the heart of the BMW R nineT Scrambler’s impressive performance is a 1,170-cubic-centimeter air-and-oil-cooled, four-stroke twin-cylinder boxer engine. With a brawny output of 110 horsepower and a top speed of 124 mph, the boxer packs plenty of punch, making the R nineT Scrambler a spirited performer that offers no shortage of exhilaration. That power comes through loud and clear thanks to the R nineT Scrambler’s exhaust system, which delivers a ferocious, full-throated engine note that signals your arrival well before you come into view.

Customizable to fit your style

The R nineT Scrambler is a handsome bike that stands on its own merits with its compact steel tank and telescopic fork with bellows presiding over a tall 19-inch front wheel. But BMW Motorrad also understands that no two riders think or feel the same. That’s why through BMW Motorrad Spezial, you can customize your R nineT Scrambler to represent you in the most complete way possible. For example, there are three Option 719 parts sets available to better emphasize some of the R nineT Scrambler’s finer features: The Club Sport milled parts set utilizes black and gold anodized aluminum for an elegant yet powerful character, the Classic milled parts set plays on simplicity with pure aluminum surfaces and the Storm milled parts set pulls in shades of grey for a look that really shines. With multiple accessories and options, you can have your R nineT Scrambler exactly as you want it.

With charming and aggressive character and a power-packed engine at its disposal, the BMW R nineT Scrambler is an ideal bike for hitting the open road. Not only will it elevate the sensation of riding, but it will ensure that your arrival is always one worth nothing.

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