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Thursday, April 18, 2019 May 2013   VOLUME 12 ISSUE 5  
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Schooner GAM means summer is here!
photo: Benjamin Magro
Kick off the summer season with a schooner Gam – see the entire fleet and enjoy the long days of June.

Specialty Cruises of the Month
This season the Timberwind and Nathaniel Bowditch are offering a wide array of specialty cruises to suit every sailor Ė from weekend getaways and the Great Schooner Race to a lobster-loverís dream vacation and Kids and Family Cruises.
Windjammer of the Month: Isaac H. Evans!
From small-town banker to Maine windjammer captain, Captain Brenda is now living her dream and passengers of every age couldnít be happier!
Favorite Anchorage: Schooner Heritage
With over 3,000 islands off the coast of Maine, there are innumerable anchorages and pristine vistas that leave visitors with indelible memories of beauty and serenity. This month we asked Captains Doug and Linda Lee of the Schooner Heritage to share their favorites.
Fresh from the Galley: Breakfast!
The smell of fresh coffee being brewed on a wood stove tempts you out from your cozy bunk. You cradle the coffee and stare out at the majestic pines shrouded in mist. Then, smells of delicious breakfast herald the beginning of a new day along Maineís coast. Read on for some of the delicious breakfast recipes from our award-winning schooner chefs.
End of the Day
The sun sets behind a spruce-clad island after another gorgeous day aboard the Stephen Taber.

Voted #1 New England Attraction
About.comís Readersí Choice Awards 2013

The Maine Windjammer Association is proud to be
featured on page 640 of this New York Times bestseller.

The Maine Windjammer Association is committed to
preserving our nationís natural areas through our partnership
with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics,
an organization that promotes responsible
outdoor skills and ethics.

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