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February 2018
 / VOLUME 18 / ISSUE 2
A Captain’s View of the Bay

Every Maine Windjammer Association captain lives close to nature. Months spent sharing the beauty of life on the water with its hidden coves, islands and breathtaking views make the captains very aware of the natural world around them. After years of being captivated by the beauty, the songs and the antics of the abundant wildlife on Maine’s coast, Captain Barry King shares some of his photographs of the Bay from 2017.

credit: Captain Barry King

“I love seeing seabirds on the bay. My favorite time is spring because I get to see the winter residents heading north and the summer residents arriving along the coast. The winter residents are quite skittish so getting them to sit still for a portrait is a challenge. Here white winged scoters take off as we approach them. The pitter patter of their feet on the surface of the water is astounding as is the shape their wings form as they flap with all their might.”


credit: Captain Barry King

“Can anyone see seals on the ledges and not get excited….anyone? After 25 years on the bay I still find myself catching my breath when I see ‘charismatic megafauna.’”


credit: Captain Barry King

“Finally…golden light…capturing images aboard and from the schooner is awesome. As the schooner sails through the islands each day the view is always changing…but the change happens at a human scale…not like in a car or plane where things go by so fast you never actually see them…. At the beginning and end of each day just as the sun breaks the horizon there is this golden hour where the slanting rays of light make the whole world vibrant. If I live for nothing else it is the golden light…this fall I was out cruising with a friend and this lobster boat passed by on its way home from what I will assume was a long day hauling gear… the boat and background were bathed in heart-warming light….”

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